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Set Micro Goals to Accomplish Big Dreams in 2023

Instead of writing down these big audacious goals, Jon Acuff, an entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author, has better advice: Set micro goals. 

Tips to Boost Mental Health Ahead of the Holidays

The statistics surrounding mental health are alarming. The reasons varied, but while the holidays can be a time of happiness, it also can be challenging. Follow these tips if you notice your mental health worsening.

American Ninja Warrior Alex Weber to Address the 20th Anniversary Milk Business Conference

The 2022 Milk Business Conference keynote speaker Alex Weber will grace the stage on Wed., Dec. 14th at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Land O’Lakes CEO Praises U.S. Farmers for Their Role in Food Security

The leader of one of America’s largest food and agriculture companies said the country’s farmers should be celebrated for their crucial role in providing food security, even if their work is sometimes overlooked.

Ring of Glory: Pennsylvania Teen Chases Dairy Dreams After Surviving House Fire

Pennsylvania teenager Reese Burdette continues her medical recovery from a 2014 housefire and returns to the showring at a Harrisburg dairy competition.

The Power of Love and Faith: How a Journey to Help Foster Kids Heal On the Farm Led One to Their Forever Home

Tyler and Amanda Radke have three goals on the farm: provide peace with a place to heal, experience a family full of love and introduce them to a household strong in faith; a recipe that’s filled with grit and grace.

Varcor: From Dairy Waste to Drinking Water

The VarcorTM system from Washington state-based Sedron Technologies  converts dairy manure into high-value components in a continuous closed loop, all without tractors, manure spreaders, or waste lagoons.

“Not One More Vet” Supports Veterinary Mental Health

Veterinarians and their staffs have a higher suicide rate than the general population. “Not One More Vet” is an organization dedicated to reversing that disturbing statistic.

How Social Media Sensation NY Farm Girls Defied Odds to Expose the Truth About Farming

The NY Farm Girls have become a social media sensation. With nearly 645,000 followers on TikTok, the three sisters share the truth about dairy farming, even when faced with negativity that can sprout on social media.

Heat Warnings Sweep Across U.S.: What You Should Know

This week, dangerous heat is sweeping across Texas to Wisconsin to Ohio to Georgia.

Diesel Prices Jump 37% in 10 Weeks, Gas Prices Projected to Hit $6.20 by August

The White House is considering waiving U.S. gasoline environmental rules aimed at reducing summertime smog, hoping the waiver will combat rising pump prices, Reuters reported.

"It's Not Hollywood At All": How Veeder Ranch Battled Historic Blizzards, Found Hope in the Middle of the Storm

Back-to-back blizzards in April meant the Veeders battled Mother Nature at the height of calving season. While they did everything they could to save newborn calves, they also saw relief in the form of vital moisture.

Barnard: Learnings From a Rotisserie Fueled Flywheel

In production agriculture, the output is largely a commodity. But whether the output is commodity or differentiated, the system of how the output is produced matters as much as the output itself.

How to Calculate Your Personal Inflation Rate

See how rising costs impact you and your family.

Elanco Animal Health Doubles Down on Improved Environmental Sustainability and Nutrient Utilization in Beef Production

Elanco Animal Health and Ducks Unlimited announce results from the year-one effort of a multi-year initiative to restore working grasslands in western Kansas.

Senators Revise Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act

Four U.S. Senators announced they have introduced a revised Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act and will push for a hearing on the bill by the Senate Agriculture Committee in the coming weeks.

Virginia Farmer Was Stranded After His Tractor Ran Over Him; What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

John Moody was stranded and thought he was paralyzed after his tractor ran over him last March. His rural mail carrier found him, repaired the fence, got John's belongings, and still finished his mail route that day.

Horizon Award Honors Husband-and-Wife Team for Their Drive and Focus

Congratulations to Martin Angus, the 2022 recipient of the Tomorrow’s Top Producer Horizon Award. Take a virtual trip to their diversified operation nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Multiple Routes to Cattle Methane Reduction Explored

There are a range of efforts underway worldwide to curb methane production by cattle.

Trapped by Raging Wildfires in December, Kansas Ranchers Share Staggering Story of Survival

Bar S Ranch was devastated by wildfire in December. The family lost 200 head of cattle, houses and barns. Grateful to be alive to share their story of survival, the family is thankful for donations and support since.

John Phipps: As Inflation Increases Costs for Consumers, Here's What is Often Overlooked

Inflation is hitting headlines after an unprecedented run of low inflation. It’s been 12 plus years since it managed to creep far above 2-2.5%. John Phipps explains what's being overlooked in the inflation discussion.

Omicron’s Effect on Food Demand and The Supply Chain

“I wouldn't be surprised as we put Omicron behind us that we're going to see a restaurant recovery in the summer. But right now the supermarket is still doing quite well on a historical basis," says Michael Swanson.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Fauci on COVID Pandemic — "It Will End"

Rural communities are likely to see an outbreak of the COVID-19 variant omicron later than big cities but Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the pandemic will eventually end.

Rural Hospitals Face Staffing Shortages Amid Omicron Outbreak

Small, rural hospitals are struggling to keep, find or hire staff as the omicron variant begins its push across rural America. Rural healthcare advocates say it's already creating an unsafe situation.

Which Dairies will be the Most Profitable in 2022?

The most profitable parts of the U.S. in 2022 will be the Northwest and Northeast, but smaller farms in those regions won’t participate in this success. Here's why.

Sarah Beth Aubrey: Develop a Personnel Pipeline

I encourage farm leaders to focus less on needs to be filled season-to-season and more on needs in the 24-to-48-month horizon.

Pasture to Plate: A Culture-Driven Beef Business

The Ducheneaux family reconnects consumers with their food source 

From the Flames: A Lesson in Thanksgiving from a Man Who Survived a Raging Oklahoma Wildfire

When nearly 300,000 Oklahoma acres burned in April of 2018, Terry Burleson found himself caught in the wind-driven flames. His escape is nothing short of a miracle.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Fun Facts to Spread the Story of Agriculture

As the frantic pace of harvest winds down, we can reflect on another season of abundant effort.

“Take This Job and Shove It”

A record 4.3 million people quit their jobs in the United States in August 2021, a historic high that has far-reaching effects on American life in general, and agriculture specifically

Cutting Into The Center Of Meat Processors' Labor Pains, This State Is Rolling Out A Hot Dog Factory On Wheels

As labor woes continue to cripple meat processing plants, Missouri is rolling out a unique concept to answer many processors’ biggest need. The classroom on wheels will provide workforce development at a pivotal time.

One Month After Hurricane Ida Destroyed NJ's Largest Dairy Farm, Rebuilding is Still Underway as Family Refuses to Walk Away

September 1, a tornado that spun out from the remnants of Hurricane Ida, ripped across Wellacrest Farms in New Jersey, demolishing their farm. A month later, the Eachus family continues to rebuild and persevere.

Q&A With Lindsay Reames, VP, Sustainability & External Relations, Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative

The cooperative and its partners are using sustainability as a starting point for conversations about dairies’ plans for business growth and the future of the industry.

Kansas State Research Reveals This Feeding Practice Shows Sustainable Solutions for Raising Cattle

President Biden recently pledged to reduce methane emissions by at least 30% by the end of the decade. The commitment could impact agriculture, but work is already underway in the cattle sector to reduce cattle manure.

Field of Art: An Ohio Farmer's Life-Size Tribute to 9/11 is Planting Seeds of Unity for 20th Anniversary

From an American flag one year to a POW tribute the next, Wilber Meyer's field artwork has grown. And for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, this year's tribute is by far the biggest, extending beyond the Ohio farm field.

Pfizer Vaccine Receives Full FDA Approval: “Now is the Time to Get Vaccinated,” White House Says

Dr. Bechara Choucair, White House vaccination coordinator, joins AgriTalk’s Chip Flory to discuss Full FDA approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for people 16 years old and older.

See the Agenda for the Aug. 23 Illinois Farm Journal Field Day Event

It’s almost time for the 2021 Farm Journal Field Day events! First up is Whiskey Acres, a seed-to-spirit operation.

When Your Plate Is Too Full: Delegate More to Stress Less

Think about the tasks and duties that fill your day. Do you continually put some off? Are there ones you just don’t like? If so, it’s time to delegate.

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John Phipps: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Have Long-Haul Implications for Veterinarians

During the pandemic, companion animals were popular family additions. Pet ownership increased from 67-70% of households in one year, an all-time high. John Phipps explains why it could have lasting implications.

Rural Vaccination Rates on the Rise in 19 States as COVID-19 Testing, Cases See Uptick

COVID-19 testing and cases are on the rise as the push to get America vaccinated continues. New data shows rural vaccination rates are up in 19 states, while questions remain about the new Delta variant.

See the 2021 Farm Journal Field Day Agendas

In 2021, you have the choice to join Farm Journal Field Days in person or online.

4 Things To Know About Cattle And Their Impact on Sustainability

Sara Place, Elanco chief sustainability officer, offers insights on the questions she hears frequently from consumers and the balanced answers she is able to provide, thanks to science.

Remarkable Rescue: Five Farmers Save Father and 6-Year-Old Son After Falling 70 Feet into a Well

After six-year-old Louie Leseberg fell 70 feet into a dark well, his father jumped in to save him. What happened next, and the dramatic rescue that ensued, left even those who witnessed the rescue unable to explain.

Covid Protocols For Clinics Get Updated By The CDC

If you have a mixed practice or work out of a clinic, in addition to going to the farm or ranch to treat cattle, be aware of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.

The Road to Becoming a Better Manager

While the road to becoming a better manager isn’t any easy one, there are a few steps you can take to not only improve your work performance, but your team’s performance as well.

Farm Journal’s #FarmON Concert To Benefit National FFA Foundation

Farm Journal has announced that a #FarmONTM Benefit Concert will be presented in partnership with the National FFA Foundation on Thursday, August 26, at Frahm Farmland in Colby, KS.

Celebrate the Grit and Grace of America’s Farmers

Need a little inspiration? From facing an F-5 tornado to battling cancer and beyond, these producers share stories of how they’ve overcome big challenges with grit and grace.

Biden Administration: Fully Vaccinated People Don’t Need Masks

The CDC recently announced new protocols for fully vaccinated people. Chip Flory discusses these new measures Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, Senior Advisor to the White House COVID-19 Response Team.