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Stockmanship Tips from the Ranchers Who Use Them

Colorado State University hosted a BQA Stockmanship and Stewardship workshop, which ncluded classroom sessions, practical hands-on applications, demonstrations and a keynote address Temple Grandin, PhD.

Beef Improvement Federation Updates Guidelines

Update includes standardization for collection of BRD-susceptibility data.

Association Update

AVC: Focus on education and advocacy for 2017.

Best of BoVet: Feeding Cattle Corn

Student's questions reflect consumer concerns over beef production systems. Question 2: In your professional opinion, who is responsible for the trend to feed cattle corn?

Best of BoVet: Beef Production Systems

Student's questions reflect consumer concerns over beef production systems.

Best of BoVet: Feeding Cattle Corn

Student's questions reflect consumer concerns over beef production systems. Question 8: Can feeding cattle corn be a sustainable process?

AMP grazing, soil health and carbon storage

While cattle do produce greenhouse gasses, good management of pastures and grazing systems can return carbon to the soil, improve soil health and productivity and make ranching more profitable.

Sign up for free BQA certification today!

Dr. Dan Thomson, College of Veterinary Medicine at K-State University, says now is the time for beef and dairy producers to get their FREE Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification.

Global conference advances beef sustainability

Advancing zero deforestation in beef production, assessing the overall sustainability of the beef value chain and connecting consumers and sustainability were just a few of the topics discussed at the 2016 Global Confer

McDonald's completes sustainable-beef pilot project

Corporations want to tell their customers that their businesses, including their supply chains, are verifiably sustainable. McDonald's, for example, announced in 2014 its commitment to begin sourcing at least some

Talkin' with Doc

Music starts and the dark screen transitions to a salt-and-pepper-haired man in a purple button-down shirt sitting in front of a tin-barn studio backdrop.

Iowa Beef Center plans annual update for veterinarians

The annual "Update for Veterinarians" program organized by Iowa State University's Iowa Beef Center features a full day of education and demonstrations focused on beef cattle.

NAHMS begins preparing cow-calf study

The USDA's Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) regularly conducts major studies of livestock-production segments to track animal-health related trends and practices. During 2017, NAHMS will focus on the cow-ca

K-State and Texas Tech to collaborate on feedyard research

The two universities will conduct beef cattle production medicine research and training to address feedyard health challenges.

Summing up: Grass versus grain

Over the past two weeks, we've been running a series of questions and answers regarding the practice of feeding grain to cattle. The series developed after a college student, conducting research for a public-healt

Study: Beef consumption must be cut dramatically to control climate change

Cattle are being blamed for 59% of agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions, and now European scientists want consumers to eat less beef and dairy. In a recent paper, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in

Photo of the Day: "Teamwork makes the dream work"

Vets and producers both lean on each other everyday for their work, as we were reminded by large animal vet Kelly Barratt (@kellybarrattdvm)from Heartland Veterinary Services in Ontario, Canada. How do you use teamwork

TAHC coordinates response efforts to winter storm Goliath

In the aftermath of Winter Storm Goliath, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) continues to work with industry and state agency partners in response and recovery efforts in the northwest part of the Texas Panhandle

Blizzard kills an estimated 12,000 beef cattle, another 40,000 missing

Winter storm Goliath left a wave of dead and stray beef cattle in its wake as the blizzard pushed across the Panhandle region of Texas last week.