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2023 AABP Recent Graduate Conference Registration is Open

The 6th annual conference to be held in Knoxville, Tenn. This year’s theme is “Competence to Confidence”.

Grants Available to Qualifying Bovine Veterinary Students for Externships

A grant to complete a veterinary externship is now available to qualifying bovine veterinary students, according to the Academy of Veterinary Consultants, which serves the North American beef industry.

Successful Administration of an Implant begins with the Right Technique

Poor implanting techniques can significantly impact how well implants work and can result in poor gains, feed conversion and behavior issues. Some precautions make sure common mistakes don’t cause problems.

AABP and AVC Develop Guidelines to Protect Veterinary Business  in the Event of a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak

Veterinarians should be prepared to safely and effectively continue providing services to their clients and maintain clinic business continuity in the face of an FAD outbreak.

Genome Sequencing of Moxarella bovis Open Doors for New Interventions Against 'Pinkeye' in Cattle

Scientists at the USDA Agricultural Research Service and University of Nebraska-Lincoln have identified to different variants of the bacterium known to cause pinkeye in cattle.

Five Misconceptions About Liver Flukes — Debunked

There are many challenges surrounding resilient liver flukes, but a combination of education and action will help all producers take them on.

Much of Brazil’s Beef Defies Zero-Deforestation Agreements

Brazilian meatpackers continue to procure cattle from inside the country’s protected areas more than a decade after zero-deforestation cattle agreements were signed to reform the sector.

BIF Releases Decision Support Tool for Beef Cattle Selection

The iGENDEC product was developed with the financial support of a USDA NIFA grant with the aim of helping enterprises make genetic selection decisions that are specific to their unique circumstances.

2022 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium Slated for Kansas City

Registration is open for the 2022 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium, to be held November 17 and 18 at the at the American Royal Center in Kansas City, MO.

Time to Break Out the Calf Jackets

Because newborn calves have very little body fat to help them stay warm, calf jackets can help them preserve energy, protect immunity and improve daily gain.

Join the Animal Agriculture Alliance as “Partners in Progress” at 2023 Stakeholders Summit

How can we create a sustainable future for animal agriculture? By building it together, says AAA. The 2023 Stakeholders Summit theme has been set, and speaker proposals and applications are open.

Heifer Maturity at Calving Really, Really Matters

Weight at calving not only determines first-lactation performance, it pretty much sets in stone the heifer's lifetime performance and a herd’s overall performance, according to Gavin Staley, DVM. 

Colder Temperatures and Calf Care Considerations

During periods of cold or wet weather, newborn calves (less than 2 days of age) should be checked every few hours with a thermometer and any calf with a below-normal temperature, even if it appears OK, should be warmed.

‘Moo’ Intelligence: Google’s New Sustainability Initiative Misrepresents U.S. Beef

America’s cowboys think the tech giant could have Googled more accurate scientific information about beef’s sustainability and value to the environment.

How Much Can a Probiotic Really Do?

Creating a herd where all the individuals are healthy and normal increases your chances of economic success.

Land O’Lakes CEO Praises U.S. Farmers for Their Role in Food Security

The leader of one of America’s largest food and agriculture companies said the country’s farmers should be celebrated for their crucial role in providing food security, even if their work is sometimes overlooked.

Sustainable Beef Systems Can Achieve Climate Neutrality

Jason Sawyer, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, explained the state of the beef industry with regard to climate concerns and discussed mitigation pathways that might help achieve climate neutrality.

Can Retaining and Backgrounding Calves Pay this Year?

Projected value of gains for growing calves this winter are in the $1.35 to $1.40 per pound range and has the potential to go even higher based on projections for available feeder cattle numbers next spring.

Be Careful Grazing Alfalfa

Grazing regrowth on irrigated alfalfa fields is likely in fall grazing plans for many producers. However, alfalfa has several challenges to grazing from animal and plant health perspective.

Manage Your Rural Practice for Success AABP Workshops Get Funding

The workshops are tailored for recent veterinary graduates who are looking to buy/build a practice, those needing support. Applications must be submitted online and are due by 5 p.m. (EST) December 16, 2022.

Dry Cow Treatment now in Larger Package Option 

Merck Animal Health announces that Orbenin-DC (cloxacillin benzathine intramammary infusion) dry cow treatment is now available in convenient 144-syringe pails.

Check Out These Mental Health Resources

Today is World Mental Health Day. Here are some resources that can help you and other people you know and care about!

Ring of Glory: Pennsylvania Teen Chases Dairy Dreams After Surviving House Fire

Pennsylvania teenager Reese Burdette continues her medical recovery from a 2014 housefire and returns to the showring at a Harrisburg dairy competition.

Are Dairy Crossbreds Harder to Calve?

Compared to Holsteins, is calving time with crossbreds more difficult in terms of calf weight, stillbirth, gestation length, or dystocia?

Santa Gertrudis cattle eat at the Tungali feedlot in South Australia.
New Fermentation Product Supports Feed Efficiency in Finishing Cattle Rations

Purina introduces EfficienZ, a non-nutritive feed additive available in select supplements marketed by the company.

Management Tools to Maximize Reproduction

Elanco Animal Health is addressing reproductive factors for the cow-calf herd during a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 1 p.m. Central. The program is approved for 1 hour of continuing education (RACE credit).

Colostrum May Have Yet Another Virtue: Scours Treatment

Effectively treating calves for scours could be as easy as feeding them something that virtually every dairy farm has on hand: colostrum.

Voting Opens for AABP 2023 Vice President

Drs. Jessica Gernhard and Callie Willinham, respectively, are on the ballot. Learn more about each candidate here.

Merck Opens Animal Health Intelligence Manufacturing Facility

Merck Animal Health announces the opening of a manufacturing facility in Louisiana to establish printing, production and distribution of Allflex Livestock Intelligence ear tags.

AABP Conference 'Gathers The Herd' for Networking and Continuing Education

New initiatives include the first ever salary survey currently being conducted by AABP for bovine veterinarians, work with the Veterinary Hope Foundation and the AABP Virtual Support Group for virtual mental health.

Chad Ellis Named Founding Chair of Trust In Beef™

Texas rancher and conservation executive will provide strategic leadership to partners of the collaborative value-chain program designed to empower ranchers and beef marketers.

Nelson To Serve Life in Prison for Diemel Murders

A northwest Missouri man will serve two consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole after he pleaded guilty Friday to the 2019 murders of two Shawano County, Wisconsin, brothers.

Ending Beef Exports/Imports Would Cost Cattlemen $Billions

Even a 10% reduction in U.S. beef exports and imports would cause a significant disruption to prices and quantities of both feeder cattle and fed cattle, according to a new economic analysis.

AABP Student Members Awarded $249,500 in Scholarships

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners Foundation gives veterinary students financial help.

Embrace the 'S' Word (Nope, it doesn't have 4 Letters)

Veterinarians already do so much to help livestock producers adopt sustainable practices, and we get that. This story simply shares insights from what some beef producers are doing. It might give you some ideas to try.

MU Breaks Ground on $30 Million Laboratory Expansion and Renovation

Ground has broken on a $30 million renovation and expansion at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.

Want To End Hunger? Animal Protein May Be the Answer

The White House announced several steps to increase access of fruits and vegetables as a food source, but some say animal protein is also an answer to the need for healthy and nutritious food for all Americans.  

Meat Companies Helping To End Hunger in the United States

The North American Meat Institute and America’s leading meat companies are advancing industry-wide best practices and increasing access to nutrient-dense meat for families in need.

When can You Defer Cattle Sales Due to Drought?

As drought continues, cattlemen may liquidate part of their herds. If these sales exceed normal sales, the tax rules could allow them to elect to defer these excess sales, says CPA Paul Neiffer.

Fall Processing Recommendations for Weaning-aged Calves 

And just like that, it’s time for fall processing. Let’s look closely at what to give weaning-aged calves for a leg-up in their next stage of life.     

Neogen Corporation announces Prozap Protectus Pour-On Insecticide 

The formula contains 3% diflubenzuron, 2.5% piperonyl butoxide, and 0.5% lambda-cyhalothrin.

Merck Animal Health Awards $90,000 in Scholarships

Merck Animal Health has awarded $90,000 in scholarships to 18 bovine veterinary students based on their academic achievements, career goals, work experience and interest in veterinary medicine.

Use a Detailed Critique of the Parlor to Help Dairy Producers Boost Profits

Veterinarians can enhance their relationship and business with producers by identifying ways they can be more efficient. Two good starting points: management of the parlor and the parlor environment.

Billion Dollar Beef Plant Searches for Home

Western Legacy Development Corp. continues to search for a site to build its $1.1 billion beef processing facility after being rejected by two cities in the northern plains.

Swiss Voters to Decide on ‘Factory Farming’ Ban

Voters in Switzerland will decide on a referendum that would ban "factory farming" and tighten its already strict animal welfare regulations.

Merck Animal Health to Acquire Vence

Virtual fencing system provides advanced technology to cattle producers and ranchers to manage natural resources more effectively.

Veterinary Student Scholarship Applicants Wanted

National Dairy Herd Information Association is accepting applications for $1,500 scholarships that will go to third- or fourth-year college of veterinary medicine students.

DOJ Recommends 10-Year Sentence for Easterday

The Justice Department says it has filed a memo in federal court with its recommended sentence for Washington rancher and cattle feeder Cody Easterday who pleaded guilty in a $244 million "ghost cattle" scheme.

Thermodynamics of Rumen VFA Studied

Researchers at Virginia Tech University have investigated what effects infusing extra acetate or propionate, or lowering the pH, would have on thermodynamics of VFA in the rumen.

Cattlemen Raise Concerns with Executive Order on Biotechnology

Last week the White House announced an Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy.