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Vytelle Announces Kansas City as Global Headquarters

Precision livestock company, Vytelle, announces Kansas City as their global headquarters.

Tyson Announces Bonuses for U.S. Workers

More than 90,000 U.S. hourly employees of Tyson Foods will receive year-end bonuses that range from $300 to $700.

Rural Veterinary Shortages Create Risks for U.S. Food System, New Study Says

More than 500 U.S. counties have shortages of food animal veterinarians, according to a report, authored by Cornell University’s Dr. Clinton Neill. The report highlights some solutions the U.S. government could deploy

Immunizing Dairy Calves Against BRD is Not as Simple as ‘One and Done’

In the past, it was believed there was no point to give injectable respiratory vaccines before about 4 months of age, because they would be inactivated by maternal antibodies. A recent study proves that’s not the case.

Check Out the DCHA $1,000 Scholarship

Applicants must be a college student and DCHA member; or the parent/legal guardian must belong to DCHA. Applications are due Feb. 22, 2023.

Producers Beware: A Look Inside the Animal Activists' Playbook

Here’s three key claims and takeaways from this year’s animal rights extremist conferences and how they plan to turn consumers away from meat, poultry and dairy products.

American Ninja Warrior Alex Weber to Address the 20th Anniversary Milk Business Conference

The 2022 Milk Business Conference keynote speaker Alex Weber will grace the stage on Wed., Dec. 14th at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

A New Kind of “A.I.” for Dairies

Move over, artificial insemination. There’s a new “A.I.” in town, and it’s more intelligent than you.

Calves Could Benefit from Physical Enrichment

Just like children letting off some steam on the playground, calves too could benefit from physical enrichment.

DOT Denies Hours of Service Exemption for Livestock: Puts Burden on Cattle Producers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has denied an exemption for Hours-of-Service rules for truckers transporting livestock, insects and aquatic animals.

Phibro Animal Health Releases 'You Herd Right' Dairy Podcast

Hear from experts as they review and explain ideas on best feeding and management practices for transition cows.

Profit Tracker: Beef Packer Losses Largest since 2017

The pendulum continues swinging toward cattle feeders as cash prices jumped $3 last week and left packers with their largest negative margins in nearly six years.

Syngenta Joins Trust In Beef™

Trust In Beef™ announced Syngenta has joined as a partner of the collaborative value chain program helping ranchers integrate climate-smart agriculture systems into their operations

Genetic Improvement 101

Genetic improvement can be complicated. Here’s a look at the basics.

Herd Liquidation May Be Slowing Down

It seems likely that many producers have adjusted herd inventories, given hay and feed supplies, to be able get through the winter.

What's A Good Bull Worth?

Determining the value of a bull is an important question, and one that is a challenge to answer. Mark Johnson, DVM, Oklahoma State, offers some calculations to help determine a value.

Keeping Cows Maternal

The “maternal” discussion is far more complex than a healthy live birth and seedstock producers are using more data and knowledge to create better dams each year.

Sen. Booker Proposes Industrial Agricultural Accountability Act

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker on Tuesday announced proposed legislation aimed at ending line-speed increases and “meatpacker self-inspection programs.”

HBS Avoidance Strategies

Sometimes called “sudden death syndrome” or “bloody gut,” Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome is characterized by dark, tarry, and sometimes bright red, bloody feces; dehydration; and decreased feed intake.

USDA Seeks to Fund Antimicrobial Resistance Dashboard Development

Antimicrobials are some of the most critical tools for treating infections and saving people and animals. That's why APHIS is making up to $3 million in funding available to create antimicrobial resistance dashboards.

Boehringer Ingelheim Launches Free PRRS Handbook

PRRS continues to be the most economically significant disease affecting the U.S. swine industry. Boehringer Ingelheim is launching a PRRS Knowledge Manual, chronicling years of research and best practices for control. 

Biggest Manure Pile in U.S. History Excreted Sweet Stink of Money

A steaming heap of manure large enough to fill a sporting arena once triggered an Iowa war between stockyards and city fathers.

7 Tips to Get Livestock Through the Winter

Pasture and hay supplies are short in many areas. Here's a list of options and tips for livestock producers to consider for feeding their livestock this winter.

5 Steps to Prevent Inflammation in Transition Cows

Inflammation creates additional stress at calving.

Beef Quality Assurance Doesn't End at the Farm Gate

BQA Transportation is a comprehensive management program that incorporates responsible practices in all phases of transporting cattle.

Transition Cows: It’s Tough Being the New Kid

The transition period, 3 weeks before and after calving, is challenging for all cows. But for first-calf heifers, it’s likely the scariest and most stressful time in their young lives.

Mineral Supplementation is Valuable but Know how Products Vary

Determining proper mineral supplementation merits more thought than simply going to the feed store, grabbing a few bags or a pallet of the mineral they have on hand and throwing it in a lick tub.

When Sick Dairy Calves on the Farm are Unlikely to Recover

Decision-making for treating tough diseases in dairy calves is complex and challenging. Sometimes timely euthanasia is needed. More training and support for calf caretakers are needed in the process.

Finish the Race Strong: Quality Nutrition a must for Cowherd Success

The third trimester is critical to calf development – like the final leg of a race – and cows need to be primed to reach the finish line.

The Beauty of Butyrate

When it comes to the products of rumen fermentation, butyrate is a beneficial amino acid superstar.

Weaning Considerations for Healthy Calves

Whether calves will be retained and backgrounded or sold shortly after weaning, it is important to consider the impacts of weaning strategies on calf health and performance.

Helping Calves Eat Naturally

In our quest for healthy, growthy, efficiently raised calves, have we lost some of the more fundamental elements of what makes calves tick?

Veterinarians on Alert Due to Amoxicillin Shortage

Veterinarians are on alert as supply interruptions unfold for liquid amoxicillin, a first-line antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections in humans and animals.  

Use 15 Minutes of Focus to Super-Charge Your Practice

The poet Ovid said, “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” This quote perfectly encompasses a key in business success: small habits done repeatedly truly do add up.

The Pros and Cons of Caustic Paste

University of Wisconsin animal welfare researcher Sarah Adcock addresses several considerations when using caustic paste to complete disbudding, as well as some drawbacks that could be improved upon.

5 'Calf Apps' For the Clinic and The Farm

Technology in the clinic and on the farm can come in really handy. Apps are just one of the tools you can use. Here are five to check out.

9 Practices to Help Resuscitate a Newborn Calf

After a typical birth the calf should breathe within 30 seconds of delivery, says Dr. Geof Smith, dairy technical services veterinarian for Zoetis. If it isn't, you need to intervene.

Six Straw Alternatives to Get You Through a Bedding Shortage

If you are experiencing a shortage in your straw supply, here are six bedding alternatives to consider.

Beef X Dairy: Vision & Reality

While dairy producers are rapidly embracing the concept of using beef semen to freshen their cows, the resulting crossbred calves are proving both a valuable opportunity and a challenge for the U.S. beef industry.

New $7.2 Million Feedlot Innovation Center Breaks Ground at the University of Nebraska

The $7.2 million facility located at the University of Nebraska’s (UNL) Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center near Mead, Neb. has officially broken ground.

Anti-Animal Ag Media Criticizes UC Davis Researchers, Dr. Mitloehner Tells All

After two recent articles from New York Times and Unearthed criticize Dr. Frank Mitloehner and his team at UC Davis, the "GHGGuru" joins Agritalk to share the facts and his perspective on the media's antics.

Beef Calf Vigor Assessment Shows Importance of Suckle Reflex

Elizabeth Homerosky, DVM, Veterinary Agri-Health Services, set out to find how to quickly identify compromised calves and help predict whether they can acquire optimal passive immunity. She shares what she learned here.

Greater Omaha Packing Will Expand 30%

The nation’s fifth-largest beef packer will receive a grant from USDA that will help add 700 head to its daily harvest capacity.

Protein Supplementation: What Should I Know Before Purchasing?

In developing a protein supplementation strategy, it is important to consider what is the goal of feeding the protein supplement and that not all protein sources are equal.

There’s a New Mastitis-Causing Pathogen in Town: Prototheca Bovis

“Similar to Staph aureus and mycoplasma, Prototheca [mastitis] is hard to detect, has no known cure, and is contagious by intermittently shedding from cow to cow."

Over-the-Counter Antibiotics Are Going Away: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Farm

On June 11, 2023, over-the-counter antibiotics will no longer be available through traditional retail channels. Instead, these antibiotics will now require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian.

How Much Hay Will A Cow Consume? Estimate Your Winter Feed Needs

Estimating forage usage by cows is an important part of the task of calculating winter feed needs. Hay or standing forage intake must be estimated in order to make the calculations.

Profit Tracker: Cash Cattle Highest in Seven Years

The pendulum continues to swing in cattlemen's favor as cash prices rally $3 per cwt. Pork producers see improved profit margins with a $7 per cwt. rally.

Combat Labor Headaches Head On

Labor shortages are no longer a stark headline, but instead a continued headache dairy farms are faced with. Recently on an Ag Future podcast, Dr. Luke Miller with Alltech spoke about training and retaining labor.

When All Hell Broke Loose: Our PRRS Outbreak

The first 10 days were hell, says Kyle Baade, a Nebraska pork producer. After that, if a visitor showed up, he says they would have no idea the farm had any issues. Here's his PRRS story and how it changed his life.