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Receiving high-risk cattle

Jan 07, 2014 by Bovine Veterinarian
During my 30-plus years as part of the cattle industry, I have witnessed the last of the 3-year-old steers, probably the last of the 2-year-old steers, the continued wane of available yearling steers, an increasing depe

Papaya seeds for parasite control

Jun 24, 2013 by Bovine Veterinarian
A University of Florida study suggests papaya seeds could serve as a natural dewormer in livestock. The trial, led by animal scientist Adegbola Adesogan, PhD, tested the material on goats, specifically targeting the bar

The hormones of synchronization

Apr 05, 2013 by Bovine Veterinarian
The benefits of artificial insemination (AI) are well understood in many beef cattle operations, however the synchronization protocols can seem to be in a different language when one sits down to plan out their breeding