AABP, Sponsors award $331,000 in Scholarship to Student Members

Scholarships included the AABP Foundation-Zoetis Scholarships, featuring $5,000 each plus a $750 travel stipend.
Scholarships included the AABP Foundation-Zoetis Scholarships, featuring $5,000 each plus a $750 travel stipend.
(John Maday)

Just over $331,000 in scholarships, awards and other support was given to veterinary students and graduate veterinarians in 2018 and at the 2018 51st Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners held September 14-16 in Phoenix, Ariz. The awards, funded by AABP members, AABP partners and the AABP Foundation, will enable recipients to further pursue their careers in bovine medicine.

“A total of $331,250 in scholarships and travel stipends were awarded during the AABP Annual Conference” notes AABP Executive Vice President Dr. K. Fred Gingrich, II.  “These scholarships are supported by generous donations from Zoetis through the AAABP Foundation, Merck Animal Health, donations from individual members through the Amstutz Scholarship Fund Live and Silent Auctions, the 5K Stampede Fun Run sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, and individual donations throughout the year.”

AABP also provides over $40,000 for the Student Delegate program with support from Norbrook, as well as awarding   $3,750 to the student case competition winners, $1,000 to the student poster competition winner, $5,000 in travel stipends for the student case competition presenters, $5,000 to the graduate student research summaries competition winners (with support from the Bovine Respiratory Disease Symposium), $18,000 in 2018 education grants for students, $4,500 in student chapter funding and $40,000 in externship grants.

Amstutz Scholarships ($7,500 each)

  • Wayne Garcia, II, University of Florida
  • Emily Griswold, University of Pennsylvania
  • Andrew Harding, Colorado State University
  • Mary Liebenstein, University of Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Martens, Cornell University
  • Paxton Parker, University of Tennessee
  • Colleen Potter, Michigan State University
  • Rachael Wolters, University of Tennessee

Find out more about the Amstutz Scholarship at http://aabp.org/about/amstutz_winners.asp

Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Awards sponsored by Merck Animal Health ($5,000 each)

  • Nate Bos, University of Minnesota
  • Sara Davis, University of Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Endres, University of Wisconsin
  • Mariah Fischer, Lincoln Memorial University
  • Emily Griswold, University of Pennsylvania
  • Allison Hale, Washington State University
  • Andrew Harding, Colorado State University
  • Tanner Leon, Oklahoma State University
  • Will Lillico, University of Saskatchewan
  • Elizabeth Martens, Cornell University
  • Michelle Morelli, Texas A&M University
  • Michael Rohde, Iowa State University
  • Cody Sacquitne, Iowa State University
  • Robert Stenger, Mississippi State University
  • Kimberly Strait, Iowa State University
  • Adam Strebe, University of Wisconsin
  • Emily Vermillion, University of Georgia
  • Bryan Welly, University of California-Davis

Find out more about the award at http://aabp.org/about/student_rec_winners.asp.

AABP Foundation-Zoetis Scholarships ($5,000 each plus a $750 travel stipend)

  • Nate Baribault, North Carolina State University
  • Brandon Colby, The Ohio State University
  • Caelah Doerr, Michigan State University
  • Jessica Gaska, University of Wisconsin
  • Rebecca Gibbs, Colorado State University
  • Michelle Morelli, Texas A&M University
  • Danielle Mzyk, North Carolina State University
  • Mark Spare, Kansas State University
  • Robert Stenger, Mississippi State University
  • Emily Vermillion, University of Georgia
  • Bryan Welly, University of California-Davis
  • Sydney Westbrook, University of California-Davis

Find out more about the award at http://aabp.org/about/zoetis_winners.asp.

AABP Student Case Competition/Research Presentation Winners

  • Overall Winner: Colleen Curtiss, Michigan State University

Clinical Case Report

  • First Place: Kaitlyn Hess, University of Tennessee

Research Report

  • First Place: Colleen Curtiss, Michigan State University
  • Second Place:  Sam Scheu, Colorado State University

Find out more about the Student Case Competition at http://aabp.org/Students/case/default.asp?year=2014&type=StudentCase.

2018 AABP Student Poster Competition

  • First Place: Austin Ashbacher, Iowa State University, Survey of bovine viral diarrhea control and prevention practices on dairy farms

2018 AABP Research Summaries Graduate Student Awards

These awards are funded in part by the Bovine Respiratory Disease Symposium.

  • First Place: Ciara Hayes, The effect of growth rate on reproductive outcomes in replacement dairy heifers in seasonally calving, pasture based systems
  • Second Place: Dr. Kelsey Paras, Evaluation of composite vs individual fecal egg counts: Helping producers save money while accurately monitoring the resistance status of their parasites
  • Third Place: Dr. Michael Kleinhenz, The analgesic properties of transdermal flunixin meglumine when given at the time of castration

2018 AABP Foundation Competitive Research Grants

  • Dr. Matthias Wieland, Cornell University, A controlled trial assessing the effect of two different drying off protocols on the risk of new intramammary infection and well-being in dairy cows
  • Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky, Veterinary Agri-Health Services, Alberta, Canada, Impact of meloxicam on IBR, BRSV, PI3, and coronavirus titers when administered concurrently with a modified live respiratory vaccine in abruptly-weaned beef calves

Find out more about the Competitive Research Grants at http://foundation.aabp.org/research_proposal/default.asp.

2018 AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Awards ($5,000 each)

  • (Beef) Dr. Nick Lemmel, Ogallala, Neb.
  • (Dairy) Dr. Matt Weeman, Centreville, Md.

Find out more about the award at http://aabp.org/Members/ce_award/default.asp.

The 2019 52nd Annual AABP Conference will be held September 12–14, 2019 in St. Louis, Mo.


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