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Kansas State Research Reveals This Feeding Practice Shows Sustainable Solutions for Raising Cattle

President Biden recently pledged to reduce methane emissions by at least 30% by the end of the decade. The commitment could impact agriculture, but work is already underway in the cattle sector to reduce cattle manure.

BSE Case Confirmed on U.K. Farm

A single case of classical bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was confirmed by British animal health officials on Friday.

Company Awards Scholarships to Three Future Veterinarians

Merck Animal Health, in partnership with the Food Systems Fellowship Program coordinated by the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, is awarding three scholarships to veterinary students.

The Power of New Blood

Experienced vets often consider hiring new graduates less than ideal. But this is exactly what experienced vets need to do if they want to keep their practice healthy and growing.

Understanding Anaplasmosis Risk

Anaplasmosis is a serious disease often transmitted by ticks that has historically been a problem for southern producers. Now, veterinarians say the disease is spreading north and encourage producer vigilance.

Farm Journal Launches Trust In Beef to Accelerate Beef Industry’s Sustainability Work

New program from Trust In Food and Drovers boosts beef industry outreach to consumers.

Help Your Business with Good Work-Life Balance

When employees have a good balance between work and life, they feel a greater sense of control and ownership over their own lives.

Study Affirms U.S. Pork Industry’s Efforts to Keep ASF Out

The time you are most at risk for something is when you don't know it's a risk, says Patrick Webb, National Pork Board acting chief veterinarian. That's why a new study to identify biosecurity gaps is causing a stir.

Brangus Launches Vigor Program

The International Brangus Breeders Association announces the launch of the Brangus® Vigor Feeder Calf Program, a Process Verified Program (PVP).

Suicide Prevention: You can Make a Difference

Throughout September, the AVMA recognizes Suicide Prevention Awareness Month to help inform veterinary teams about suicide prevention and the warning signs of suicide.

Field of Art: An Ohio Farmer's Life-Size Tribute to 9/11 is Planting Seeds of Unity for 20th Anniversary

From an American flag one year to a POW tribute the next, Wilber Meyer's field artwork has grown. And for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, this year's tribute is by far the biggest, extending beyond the Ohio farm field.

Brazilian Cases of BSE Halt Beef Exports To China

Brazil has suspended beef exports to China after confirming two cases of “atypical” bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in two separate domestic meat plants, the agriculture ministry said on Saturday.

Nominate the Nation's Best Female Farmer & Bovine Veterinarian

Know an outstanding bovine veterinarian who’s also an amazing farmer? Nominate her for the 2022 Executive Women in Agriculture Trailblazer Award.

ASF Vaccines: Is the Waiting Game Almost Over?

Although there’s no licensed commercial vaccine for African swine fever available, experts say they are encouraged by the progress that’s been made in the last few years. Here's why.

Ag Secretary to Join Virtual Town Hall, Discussing Most Pressing Issues in Agriculture

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will join Clinton Griffiths for a virtual live town-hall Sept. 2 at 2 p.m. CDT. Farmers and ranchers will ask about the most pressing issues and opportunities they face.

Smith receives Industry Achievement Award at Feeding Quality Forum

There are some people that without, the cattle feeding industry just wouldn't be the same. Bob Smith, DVM, is one, and has been named Certified Angus Beef's 2021 Feeding Quality Forum Industry Achievement Award Winner.

U.S. Cattle Producers Announce Initiatives to Answer Consumer Demands

Cattle producers can set the table for the discussion on sustainability in beef.

Pfizer Vaccine Receives Full FDA Approval: “Now is the Time to Get Vaccinated,” White House Says

Dr. Bechara Choucair, White House vaccination coordinator, joins AgriTalk’s Chip Flory to discuss Full FDA approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for people 16 years old and older.

Beef Industry Leadership Summit to be Held in Nebraska

This year’s Production Animal Consultation Summit for aims to bring together leaders from all segments of the beef industry to engage with local, state and national leaders to understand issues and opportunities.

New provisions of Texas Farm Animal Liability Act

Texas livestock owners must now post signs to get legal protection under the state's Texas Farm Animal Liability Act .

How to change the face of agriculture

It’s no wonder Michael Smith wasn’t comfortable with pursuing a career in agriculture when he started college at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.

Deep Sense of Satisfaction Fuels Eckert’s Tenure

37 years of dedicated service to the cattle industry fuel this award winner

It’s Unlikely the U.S. Will Escape ASF

While there are lots of reasons to believe ASF in the Dominican Republic is not a sure sign it will penetrate the U.S. industry, still, everyone has become focused on it and how slippery it is to contain.

NCBA Sets Climate Neutrality Goal for Cattle Industry

The announcement came during the NCBA general session, “Sustainability—Opportunity, or a Bunch of Bull?” Marty Smith, 2021 NCBA Past President, a rancher and attorney from Wacahoota, Fla., announced four goals.

'Emotional Compensation' Can Help Fight Labor Shortage

Most businesses currently are fighting the uphill battle of finding and retaining reliable, productive workers. In this environment, employers should not limit their thinking to compensation that is purely financial

Leave a Legacy TV Title
An Enduring Legacy

Rural communities face ongoing challenges to recruit and retain veterinarians. Dr. Robert Bogan, in an effort to recruit his own replacement, has used a unique and awe-inspiring strategy.

Peel: A First Look at Fall/Winter Stocker Grazing

Most components of fall and winter stocker budgets are uncertain at this point but it’s not too early to begin to pencil out possibilities, evaluating risk and perhaps taking actions to lock in some budget components.

As California Wildfires Rage, State Leaders, Students and Veterinarians Launch Effort to Help Rescue Livestock

Western wildfires continue to rage in the west, as California's biggest wildfire is leading to widespread evacuations of livestock. And now there are efforts underway to care for animals left behind.

When Your Plate Is Too Full: Delegate More to Stress Less

Think about the tasks and duties that fill your day. Do you continually put some off? Are there ones you just don’t like? If so, it’s time to delegate.

Company Rebranded As Axiota Animal Health

Two of the primary products marketed by the rebranded company are Multimin 90 and Lactipro. The company also announced it has formed a an animal health dairy team.

John Phipps: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Have Long-Haul Implications for Veterinarians

During the pandemic, companion animals were popular family additions. Pet ownership increased from 67-70% of households in one year, an all-time high. John Phipps explains why it could have lasting implications.

Producers Warned to Monitor Cattle After Anthrax Was Found in a North Dakota Herd

North Dakota is one of those areas that has been dealing with drought for months, and now another concern, after anthrax was found in a cattle herd in Kidder County last week.

Merck Animal Health Introduces New Vaccine Portfolio Name

The company announces Bovilis will now precede the name of all its cattle vaccines.

Idaho C-Section

This is an excerpt from Dr. Linda Rhodes' memoir. She is in the process of gathering oral histories from other women who were also pioneers in large animal medicine. Read on for more information.

Free Webinar: Examining the Effects of the 2021 Drought

Join Drovers editor Greg Henderson and experts from all segments of the beef value chain to better understand the current and future dynamics of this crisis at 3 p.m. on Thursday, August 5, for this free discussion.

Profitability Potential Steers Producer Support of Traceability Efforts

From disease tracking and consumer expectations to profitability, beef, dairy and hog producers share their opinions on traceability in the U.S.

74-Year-Old Veterinarian Offers to Give Away his Practice to Attract Replacement

A rural veterinarian in Faribault County, Minn., is offering to give away his practice, clinic, pickup and even the vet clinic cat, in an effort to recruit his replacement.

Vaccine Could Provide Cattle GHG Solution

After a decade of research in New Zealand, scientists appear on the cusp of developing a vaccine to limit the methane production from beef and dairy cows.

Brazil Meat Packing Plant
North Platte Expected To Invest In Sustainable Beef

Sustainable Beef, LLC, will likely receive $1 million from the North Platte Quality Growth Fund. to be used to help pay for the estimated $10 million cost of architectural, engineering and planning.

Is Your Dog America’s Best Farm Dog?

Your dog could be named the top dog in the U.S. Enter America’s Best Farm Dog Contest, brought to you by New Holland.

Consider Early Pregnancy Checking Beef Cattle During Drought

Early pregnancy testing helps producers make important management decisions related to nutrition programs and marketing plans, as well as evaluating the reproductive efficiency of the cow herd.

Solving Real Life Challenges a Driving Force for Dr. Gary Smith

Smith receives Industry Leadership Award for his work to advance the beef industry.

Farm Journal Announces Easton Corbin to Headline #FarmON Benefit Concert

Farm Journal announced that country music star Easton Corbin will headline the live 2021 #FarmON Benefit Concert during Farm Journal Field Days. Proceeds will go to the National FFA Foundation.

Animal Ag Groups Launch Protein PACT

Twelve groups representing farmers and companies who make a majority of America’s meat, poultry, dairy and animal feed and ingredients, unveiled the Protein PACT for the People, Animals, and Climate of Tomorrow

New Online Resource for Animal Drug Label Updates From FDA

The agency says the information is being provided “in an effort to improve transparency and communication with veterinarians and the public.”

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How Will the Economic Boom Impact U.S. Agricultural Businesses?

CoBank says challenges brought on by COVID-19 will speed up automation throughout many sectors of the supply chain. Here's a deeper look at the animal protein industries in CoBank's latest report.

Brandi Buzzard: Dear Richard Branson: What's Worse, A Rocket or a Steak?

The author, a Kansas rancher, addresses space tourism and Richard Branson's flight last week. Branson is the same celebrity who says he is giving up beef for "environmental reasons."

USDA to Provide Pandemic Assistance to Livestock Producers

Livestock and poultry producers who suffered losses during the pandemic due to insufficient access to processing can apply for assistance for those losses and the cost of depopulation and disposal of the animals.

Livestock Sustainability Gets A Boost From Beef-On-Dairy

The sustainability impact of beef on dairy is promising, according to research conducted by Texas Tech University, and also provides benefits to both beef and dairy producers.

The Fast Track to Polled Genetics

Moving to 100% polled genetics is an air-tight method of dispelling consumer concerns about dehorning pain. But the wheels of genetic progress turn relatively slowly in cattle.