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USDA Announces Livestock Relief Program

USDA announced that ranchers who have an approved 2021 Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) application would soon begin receiving emergency relief payments for increases in additional feed costs in 2021. . .

Food Without Fear: How Beef Checkoff-Funded Research Keeps Consumers Safe

Checkoff-funded research has helped manage food safety risks over the past decades, influencing many safety interventions that are still in place today.

USDA Publishes Origin of Livestock Final Rule for Organic Dairy

A long-anticipated “origin of livestock” final rule has been released by the UDSA that illustrates the uniform standards for transitioning dairy cattle to organic production.

Second Mistrial In Poultry Price-Fixing Case

Jury deadlocks over price-fixing, bid-rigging allegations by poultry executives. Prosecutors suggest a third trial but the U.S. District judge wants a explanation from the head of the DOJ’s Antitrust Division first.

Senators Revise Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act

Four U.S. Senators announced they have introduced a revised Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act and will push for a hearing on the bill by the Senate Agriculture Committee in the coming weeks.

New Leadership at Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

The association also named members who will lead its cattle health and well-being committee and the fever tick subcommittee.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture  Launches Sustainability Council

Agriculture professionals interested in the new Sustainability Council may meet our co-chairs and learn about their vision through the inaugural webinar scheduled for April 14.

Carcass Trait Accuracy Improves with Beef on Dairy Data

Dr. Bob Weaber shares how the beef on dairy phenomena is a disrupter in the usual dairy and beef business and discussed research findings from a beef on dairy carcass trait collaborative project.

pickup trucks
Need a Truck? This New Online Dealership Caters to Aggies

The team at Certified Agriculture Dealer says its listings include new and used inventory and are updated daily.

Virginia Farmer Was Stranded After His Tractor Ran Over Him; What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

John Moody was stranded and thought he was paralyzed after his tractor ran over him last March. His rural mail carrier found him, repaired the fence, got John's belongings, and still finished his mail route that day.

Even in Large Herds Individual Cow Somatic Cell Count Is Important

An industry veterinarian says a higher SCC at first test is as much a disease condition as clinical mastitis.

USDA-NIFA to Invest $13M in Treating, Eradicating Livestock Diseases

There are 24 grants. One of the funded projects is to develop safe and efficient drugs that block the activity of Cryptosporidium parvum, a highly prevalent parasite that causes a serious diarrheal illness in calves.

Take Our Poll: How Do You Feel About Daylight Saving Time?

Should daylight saving time be permanent?

Broiler chicks drink water at a poultry farm in Ranga Reddy, India.
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Reported in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas

Highly pathogenic avian influenza has now been confirmed in Iowa, Kansas and Illinois.

USDA Inspector Charged With Accepting Bribes At Texas Border

A U.S. Department of Agriculture employee was paid to allow tick infested and diseased cattle to enter the country, according to an indictment filed in a Laredo federal court last week.

Oil Pumps
BREAKING: U.S. To Ban Russian Oil Imports

UPDATE: WASHINGTON (AP) - Biden: US ban on Russian oil a 'powerful blow' to 'Putin's war,' warns Americans 'defending freedom is going to cost.'

Cornett: 'What Does the End of Beef Mean for Our Sense of Self?'

While we were busy exploring whether the government should make laws mandating how cattle are marketed, The New York Times has been writing beef's eulogy. Indeed, "beef is the Kiev of foods, besieged on all fronts."

CowToilet is Coming to a Farm Near You

This invention keeps Bessie's urine and manure separated. There are some excellent reasons why this makes sense, and there are several benefits.

New: Arovyn Approved for BRD, Pinkeye and Foot Rot

This is a broad-spectrum, prescription antibiotic that treats the major organisms associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD), foot rot and pinkeye.

New Antibiotic Restrictions Soon to Become Reality

Implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive left a significant loophole for products that were available over-the-counter (OTC) by other dosage forms. OTC availability of these products will end by June 11, 2023.

Vytelle Expands Network Of In Vitro Fertilization Laboratories

Vytelle is progressing on a five-year plan to provide accessible hormone-free bovine in vitro fertilization (IVF) to producers. Three new laboratories will soon be operational and accessible to cattle producers.

Dr. Daryl Buss to Receive Billy E. Hooper Award for Distinguished Service

The award is presented by the AAVMC to an individual whose leadership and vision has made a significant contribution to academic veterinary medicine and the veterinary profession.

Veterinarian's Five-Year Search for a Successor Ends with Successful Outcome

Dr. Robert Bogan refused to retire and leave residents of Faribault County, Minn., without a veterinarian. His hand-selected replacement is a 2021 graduate of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

NCBA Pleased to See Next Steps in Processing Capacity Funding

USDA announced the availability of up to $215 million in grants and resources as part of a continued effort to strengthen the meat and poultry processing sector and create a more resilient food supply chain.

Putin Just Cost You $35 Per Head

Cattle markets were hit hard Thursday on news of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Higher grain prices drove feeder cattle prices as much as $5 lower on CME feeder cattle futures and more than $2 lower for CME Live cattle.

Russian Invasion is Bad News for U.S. Meat Consumers, Steiner Says

Will the expected sanctions on Russia impact global meat trade and demand? Len Steiner of Steiner Consulting Group posed this question in the Feb. 24 Daily Livestock Report. 

Fake Meat Is Bleeding Money

Beyond Meat is set to release quarterly financial reports likely showing growing sales and increasing losses. As one analyst put it, “it seems the more faux meat they sell the more faux money they make.”

Progressive Leadership Earns Five Rivers Cattle Feeding the 2022 BQA Feedyard Award

The world’s largest cattle feeder, Five Rivers Cattle Feeding recognizes the importance of being a leader and an advocate for the beef industry – Kuner Feedlot wins 2022 BQA Feedyard Award.

Horizon Award Honors Husband-and-Wife Team for Their Drive and Focus

Congratulations to Martin Angus, the 2022 recipient of the Tomorrow’s Top Producer Horizon Award. Take a virtual trip to their diversified operation nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Calf Care & Quality Assurance Unites Dairy, Beef and Veal Industries

The dairy, beef, and veal sectors are collaborating to form a first-of-its-kind program to promote the health and welfare of calves throughout the supply chain.

Global Farmer Survey Highlights Profitability, Innovation, and Technology Adoption

Report reveals a shift to technology to support existing farming practices as globally producers look to innovate in the face of changing market pressures.

Trapped by Raging Wildfires in December, Kansas Ranchers Share Staggering Story of Survival

Bar S Ranch was devastated by wildfire in December. The family lost 200 head of cattle, houses and barns. Grateful to be alive to share their story of survival, the family is thankful for donations and support since.

Iowa State Forms Strategic Alliance with Merck Animal Health to Drive New Innovation

A new strategic alliance will bring together industry and academia to speed up the exchange of ideas and to booster innovative solutions to animal health challenges in the U.S. and around the world.

Slug-feeding Starter May Create Bad Habits for Life

Habits formed early in life – whether good or bad – often carry through to adulthood. Like little children, calves, too, need to be trained on positive behaviors, including the way they eat.

John Phipps: As Inflation Increases Costs for Consumers, Here's What is Often Overlooked

Inflation is hitting headlines after an unprecedented run of low inflation. It’s been 12 plus years since it managed to creep far above 2-2.5%. John Phipps explains what's being overlooked in the inflation discussion.

Feds Plan Aerial Gunning of Estray Cattle in New Mexico

Federal Wildlife Service plan aerial gunning of estray cattle located in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico despite local ranchers concerns.

NCBA Names 2022 Beef Quality Assurance Award Winners

The winners of the 2022 Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Awards, sponsored by Cargill, were announced during the annual Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show, held Feb. 1-3, 2022, in Houston.  

Cow Numbers Witnessed a Rollercoaster Ride in 2021

Dairy cow numbers started 2021 at an all-time high in January, with 9.445 million animals in the U.S. milking herd. However, those numbers would steadily drop throughout the summer and fall months.

National Institute for Animal Agriculture Selects Inaugural Group for New Leadership Program

NIAA is providing an opportunity for emerging leaders in agriculture to gain next-level leadership and professional development training specifically focused on the animal agriculture segment of the industry.

A 360° Approach to Mastitis Management

Mastitis infections are divided into one of two categories — environmental or contagious — based on the source of the infection.

Beef-Dairy Crosses Continue to Earn their Way

Between 2.5 million and 5 million beef-dairy crossbred calves will be born in 2022 and 2023, as dairy producers look to add more income to their operations. Are you and your dairy clients assessing the opportunity?

Elanco Adds New Tools to Advance Livestock Sustainability Efforts

Elanco Animal Health announces two new resources aimed at helping the cattle industry make a positive impact on hunger and climate change.

Tony Romo Spokesman For 'Beef. It's What's For Dinner.'

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner., funded by the Beef Checkoff, announced a new partnership with celebrity athlete and former football star Tony Romo at the 2022 Cattle Industry Convention.

Building Calf Immunity

Along with some insightful vaccine history, Scott Nordstrom, DVM, shared specifics about the role of mucosal immunology in young calves, during the American Hereford Association’s educational forums in Kansas City.

Midwestern Beef Production Works Just as Well Off Pasture

Beef producers know grazing land is in short supply. With more acres being developed or converted to cropland, cow-calf operations may consider alternatives to traditional pasture management.

Drought Threat Expanding

Drought is expanding in the country. There is plenty of time to avoid widespread drought impacts but without significant moisture in the next 2-3 months, the cattle industry could see major impacts.

By Her Own Hand: A Farm Girl’s Miraculous Journey from Death to Hope

Maddison Caldwell woke up on Dec. 19, 2019, with a plan for the ultimate act of finality. Death by her own hand. Here's the miraculous story of her journey from death to hope.

Colorado's Kessler Out At State Vet Board After Calling Ranchers 'Lazy'

Ellen Kessler proved a lightning rod on Colorado’s Board of Veterinary Medicine from the moment she was appointed by Gov. Polis in 2020. Her service came to an end last week after an "unprofessional" social media post.

Omicron’s Effect on Food Demand and The Supply Chain

“I wouldn't be surprised as we put Omicron behind us that we're going to see a restaurant recovery in the summer. But right now the supermarket is still doing quite well on a historical basis," says Michael Swanson.

Cows, Calves, and Cold Weather Concerns: Prepare for Winter Conditions

When harsh winter conditions are in the forecast, avoid being caught off-guard and consider these ways to manage your cows, calves, and bulls to help them weather the storm.