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3 Universities Join CDC Midwest Center’s Effort Against Disease-Bearing Ticks and Mosquitoes

Purdue University, Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame have joined the Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases. One of the labs will target Culex mosquitoes, carriers of West Nile virus.

VIDEO: Meet Trust In Beef Partner U.S. Roundtable For Sustainable Beef

To highlight the voices of individuals and companies helping beef producers on their sustainability journey, Trust In Beef™ is spotlighting the collaborative value chain program’s partners in a new video series.

Walmart Invests In Proposed Nebraska Packing Plant

Sustainable Beef LLC received a giant boost in its efforts to bring a new, 1,500 head per day beef processing facility online with a commitment from Walmart.

Peel: Oklahoma Fall Forage Situation

Given the limited hay supply, proportionally more wheat pasture is likely to be used for cow herds than for stockers.  Even if there is wheat pasture, stocker demand may be somewhat lighter than usual this year.

Is Technology the Answer to Dairy’s Sustainability Triple Threats?

There are three main threats to dairy sustainability: lowering the carbon footprint, assuring continued availability of affordable water and a qualified labor force.

Munching on Mealworms: The Next Meat-Alternative Snack?

While plant-based meat alternatives seem to have lost their hype, scientists work to develop another protein alternative—mealworms.

Third AFBF Survey Reveals Stark Reality of Western Drought

Drought continues to hammer farmers and ranchers in Western, Central and Southern Plains states, with far-reaching implications for farmers’ and ranchers’ bottom lines, and also food availability and affordability.

Asian Longhorned Ticks and Theileria: What you need to know

The Asian Longhorned Tick has been identified in 11 states and carries the tick-borne disease, Theileria orientalis (Ikeda genotype) “Ikeda”, which can be fatal to cattle.

Plant-Based Food Isn't Healthier: New Book Sets Out to Debunk Myths

A book about why eating a plants-only diet won't improve your health or save the planet is turning heads. A British-based investigative journalist digs into the concept that plant-based food is better for your health.

Arm & Hammer brands laboratory as 'ScienceHearted Center'

One of the lab’s key roles is to utilize the company's Microbial Terroir platform to provide unique insights on pathogenic challenges and tailor its Certillus brand of Targeted Microbial Solutions.

Premium Alfalfa Hay Delivered by Amazon Prime

California dairy farmer, Steve Maddox found a newfound love for Amazon Prime, who hauled premium alfalfa dairy hay from his Logan, Utah hay ranch to his Riverdale, Calif. dairy farm.

Vet Med professor Receives Prestigious AASRP Award

The American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners has awarded Dr. Meredyth Jones the Dr. George McConnell Award.

Producer Owned Beef Packing Plant Coming To Amarillo

During a ceremony in downtown Amarillo, principals for Producer Owned Beef announced their plans for a 3,000-head per day beef packing facility that will break ground next year.

Activist Threats Aren’t Just on the Farm Anymore

Grocery stores have become a battleground for extremists pressuring retailers to remove meat, milk, poultry and eggs from shelves. Recent trends have shown an uptick in store protests, demonstrations and food tampering.

Expanded Labels for Beef Implant Products Approved

 Zoetis announces it has received expanded label approval from the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine on three beef implant products.

A Million Beef Cows Gone? Texas’ Devastating Drought Could Leave Generational Scars

Beef producers are culling older cows, cows with any health concerns and selling calves earlier, plus planting and trying to store up some hay. Without rain, it's a struggle.

Panhandle Ranch, Environmental Technology Co. Plan New 'Sustainable' Feedlot

A developer of an advanced waste treatment technology says it will partner with a cattle ranch to build a 15,000 head sustainable beef feedlot near Dalhart, Texas.

Cattle Producers Face Relentless Heat and Drought, Hard Decisions To Be Made

Challenging conditions continue to plague cattle ranchers as they run short of feed and are forced to make tough decisions for their operation.

NCBA Backs Food and Energy Security Act

NCBA supports the Food and Energy Security Act introduced by Sen. John Thune, R-SD. The bill would require federal regulators to disclose how proposed rules would impact food and energy prices.

Utah Ranch Honored with National Environmental Stewardship Award

JY Ferry & Son, Inc. in Corinne, Utah, is the 2021 Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) national winner. The award annually recognizes outstanding stewardship and conservation achievements of cattle producers.

Dr. Billy Powell Receives Beef Checkoff Visionary Award

Former Alabama Cattlemen's Association executive vice president Dr. Billy Powell was presented with the second annual Beef Checkoff Visionary Award during the 2022 Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting, Reno, Nevada.

Speer: Turns Out Alternative (Meat) Isn’t Really An Alternative

Recent sales data suggest alternative proteins are struggling to maintain the momentum the products enjoyed after first hitting the market.

Drovers Drought Webinar is Wednesday – Register Here

Drought has been a topic of conversation among ranchers for several months. Join us Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 3 p.m. CST as we discuss drought and it's impacts on producers.

Peel: Drought Impacts Advancing Rapidly

Drought impacts have accelerated sharply in the southern plains in July, with the volume of feeder cattle in Oklahoma auctions up 24% the last two weeks and the volume of cows and bulls up nearly 124%.

Lameness in Ruminants Conference Updates its Schedule

The Lameness in Ruminants Conference Planning Committee released an updated schedule for its 21st International Symposium and 13th International Conference, scheduled for Aug. 1-5, in Bloomington, Minn.

Heifer Shortage to Limit Expansion

Crossbreeding for beef cows and the cost of raising heifers have added to the replacement heifer shortage.

July Cattle on Feed and Cattle Inventory Reports: Here’s What to Expect

As Cattle on Feed and Cattle inventory reports release today, economist Kevin Coburn shares his expectations and how the numbers might affect the cattle cycle.

Australia Raises Its FMD Alert

Australian authorities said this week they have detected "viral fragments" of foot and mouth disease on a small number of products entering the country from Indonesia and China.

CSU’s Sue VandeWoude named next dean of College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Sue VandeWoude, a Colorado State University distinguished professor and world-renowned veterinary virologist, has been named the next dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Plan Now to Make It Through the Winter: Part I

Worries about drought and how to make it through the winter with limited or no stored forage has monopolized our thoughts, energy, and time. There are critical steps that need to be made in order for us to make it.

Varcor: From Dairy Waste to Drinking Water

The VarcorTM system from Washington state-based Sedron Technologies  converts dairy manure into high-value components in a continuous closed loop, all without tractors, manure spreaders, or waste lagoons.

Webinar Symposium to Discuss Small Tick Causing Big Problems for Cattle

NCBA and USDA will host a free two-day webinar symposium to address concerns regarding the Asian Longhorned Tick and the pest’s possible impact on the U.S. cattle industry.

Today is No ‘Udder” Day – It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

While both beef and dairy farmers appreciate their animals each and every day, the second Tuesday in July serves as a day of national recognition.

AHA to Host Sustainable Genetics Research Webinar

AHA webinar to provide details about ongoing research with Colorado State University to characterize the relationship between genetics associated with efficiency and those associated with cattle's carbon footprint.

July Farm Country Forecast: Hot Like a Firecracker

Unfortunately, the heat, humidity and dry conditions of early summer look to extend into the next few months. 

Work Begins on $19 Million Research Project on Cattle Grazing, Soil Health, Rancher Well-Being

Project will impact working ranches and rural communities, while quantifying the value of soil health and other ecosystem functions.

No, Grass-Finished Beef Isn't Healthier or Better for the Environment

Oklahoma State University meat scientist Gretchen Mafi has studied the scientific differences between beef that comes from animals finished on a grain diet versus those animals finished on grass.

SCOTUS Refuses to Hear R-CALF’s Checkoff Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied a petition by R-CALF USA for consideration of its legal challenge of the Beef Checkoff, effectively ending the case that began six years ago.

Billion-Dollar Beef Plant Has S.D. Residents, Ranchers Seeking Details

Western Legacy Development Corporation's proposed large packing plant has Rapid City, S.D., residents and city officials seeking more details on how the project may impact the region. Meeting set for Thursday in Wall.

Dropping Like Flies-Prussic Acid in Cattle

Prussic acid toxicity led to the death of some cattle in northwest Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Oklahoma State veterinarians provide management tips for cattlemen during times of increased prussic acid danger.

UK Officials Rule Out Suspected Case of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

British officials on Friday ruled out a suspected case of foot and mouth disease in the rural eastern English county of Norfolk.

Could South Dakota be the New Dairy State?

In 2021 the USDA reported the state with the largest milk production growth by percentage in the nation was South Dakota.

Cattle Market Reform Bills Advance in Senate

The Senate Agriculture Committee advanced two bills aimed at making cattle markets more transparent and competitive, with Sen. Chuck Grassley declaring his "years-long beef with Big Cattle" close to being settled.

How Social Media Sensation NY Farm Girls Defied Odds to Expose the Truth About Farming

The NY Farm Girls have become a social media sensation. With nearly 645,000 followers on TikTok, the three sisters share the truth about dairy farming, even when faced with negativity that can sprout on social media.

On-farm Bovine Pregnancy Test Kit Technology Finally Arrives

While many alternatives to palpation have evolved over the years, a quick, convenient, on-farm pregnancy test kit has remained elusive...until now.

Did High Heat And Humidity Really Cause Cattle Deaths In Kansas? The Latest Look at Potential Losses

Feedyards battled through the intense conditions to keep their cattle safe this week. The heat and humidity proved devastating, and estimates point to western Kansas feedlots seeing losses of 100 to 500 head per day.

Packing Plant Fool's Gold

Monday morning packers are convinced the solution to low cattle prices is more carcass hooks. Reality, however, suggests proposed new packing plants are out of step with cattle inventories and available labor.

Vet Techs Address the Need for a 'Living Wage and Respect'

Eight veterinary technicians share their perspectives on their careers and the choices they've made along the way.

John Phipps: Is There Really a Tick That Can Cause You to Lose Your Appetite for Red Meat?

One big emerging threat is alpha-gal which is short for galactose-alpha – a carbohydrate deposited by the tick that triggers a severe allergic reaction in the digestive system after eating red meat.

Baxter Black, DVM: 1945 - 2022

Baxter Black, the veterinarian turned cowboy poet, storyteller and philosopher of rural life in America, died Friday, June 10, at the age of 77.