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Is Grass-Fed Beef Healthier or Better for the Environment?

Oklahoma State University meat scientist Gretchen Mafi has studied the scientific differences between beef that comes from animals finished on a grain diet versus those animals finished on grass.

National Institute for Animal Agriculture to Host Equine Industry Leaders

Equine leaders will discuss the importance and sustainability of the working ranch horse at NIAA’s Annual Conference in April.

Bonehead Lawsuit and Other Signs of the Looming Apocalypse

Cybercriminals, cholesterol spiking ice crème flavors or just plain silly lawsuits? It’s becoming harder to distinguish which activities should cause our alarm.

A Labor Of Love

Thirteen-year-old Addi Drury's best friend is a 1,520-pound bucking bull named Hard Labor. When tragedy struck a year ago, Addi's family loaded him up and headed for the OSU Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Scott King to Lead U.S. Cattle Business for Boehringer Ingelheim

King brings more than three decades of animal health experience to the role. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and practiced veterinary medicine for 10 years.

13-Year-Old Registered Holstein Cow Claims New Record for Most Lifetime Milk

There’s a new face in the winner’s circle for the most lifetime milk produced by a U.S. Holstein cow, and it belongs to Chrome-View Charles 3044, owned by Mason’s Chrome View farm in Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

Replacement Heifer Dynamics

Uncertain when, but there will be strong interest in rebuilding the herd when conditions permit. Leaving aside the question of more drought, what's possible in 2023 given current availability of replacement heifers?

Culling Rates Higher than a Year Ago

High slaughter rates could curtail milk production growth in 2023.

Brazil Confirms BSE Case, Halts Exports to China

Brazil's beef exports to China will be halted starting Thursday after a case of mad cow disease was confirmed in the northern state of Para, the country's agriculture and livestock ministry said on Wednesday.

AZ Rancher Faces New Charges in Death of Migrant, Defense Argues Investigation Mishandled and Law Enforcement Lit Powder Keg

Attorneys on Wednesday argued conflicting accounts of how a Mexican national came to be killed on an Arizona borderlands ranch. The rancher is due back in court on Friday.

Aerial Gunning of Feral Cattle in New Mexico Set to Begin, USFS Violates Agreement

Feral cattle in New Mexico’s Gila National Forest are expected to come under crosshairs once again as USFS and USDA APHIS plan to decrease the area’s population via aerial gunning, beginning Thursday, Feb. 23.

Texas A&M Meat Scientist Developing ‘No Nitrite-Added’ Cured Meats

Imagine your favorite cured meat like beef jerky, pepperoni or bacon without any added sodium nitrite from any source currently necessary for color and shelf life. Wes Osburn, Ph.D., is doing exactly that.

Understanding Diseases Associated with Histophilus Somni

Veterinarians and researchers have hypothesized why H. somni is becoming more widespread and increasingly prevalent, but there is not a clear culprit.

Could BRD Cases Decline In High-Risk Cattle With Delayed Vaccination?

While vaccination is widely considered a critical component of cattle health management, could the timing of vaccination impact the efficiency of the product?

Restocking Will Be a Slow-Go

The smallest beef cow herd in 60 years will be rebuilt cautiously as ranchers struggle to recover from the perfect storm of economic and weather black swans.

FDA Approves Expanded Indication for Banamine Transdermal

The new indication is for control of pyrexia in dairy cows due to acute mastitis. There is a short milk withhold of 48 hours. 

Dr. Calvin Booker Honored for Contributions to Cattle Industry

Booker has been named the 2023 Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners Veterinarian of the Year. Booker has developed many science-based innovations for feedlot medicine and is a past president of AABP.

Bovine Veterinarian Addresses Food Animal Practitioner Shortage With Legislators

One of Dr. Jody Kull's goals was to bring attention to the dwindling number of veterinarians practicing in rural America today and what that means to livestock producers, pet owners and their local communities. 

State of the Cattle Industry: Supply Shock Results in 61 Year Low in Beef Cow Herd and Record Price Forecast

With the massive liquidation of the nation's cattle herd due to the historic drought what is the state of the cattle industry?

Arizona Border Rancher Accused of Killing Migrant, Now Held With $1 Million Bond

Rancher asks for reduction of $1 million bail to care for wife and his ranch. Meanwhile, Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo seeks to help with legal fees.

Kansas Dairy Farmer's Manure Mural Born Out of a Labor of Love for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

With no GPS equipment, Kansas dairy farmer Rob Leach freehanded the number 15, the jersey number of Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The result? A 100% organic manure mural to celebrate the Super Bowl.

Oklahoma State University Scientists Score a Big Win, Developing the Turf for Super Bowl LVII

Oklahoma State University’s Turfgrass Research Center has a new claim to fame: creating the turf for Super Bowl 57. The Chiefs and Eagles will be play the big game on Tahoma 31, a turf developed by OSU scientists.

Why You Need to Pay Attention Now to EPA’s Proposed Rodenticide Mitigation Measures

EPA is proposing changes to rodenticides that would result in canceling products and uses, adding more requirements to labels, and reclassifying some products to restricted use pesticides. Here's what you need to know.

Will Cattle Prices Smash New Records This Year, Topping 2014?

After years of liquidation, the U.S. cattle herd continues to contract. With drought still a driving force behind lower cattle numbers, market experts think cattle price could top previous price records set back in 2014.

Veterinarians Honored with 2023 NCBA Environmental Stewardship Award

Will and Monnie Carter, DVMs, based near Pintlala, Ala., and their children, received the Region ll award for work to steward their land and water. The Carters own a cow herd of Sim-Angus and Brangus crossbred females. 

U.S. Cattle Herd Smallest in Eight Years

America's beef cow herd shrank by 4% last year, leaving the total inventory down 3% and the smallest in eight years.

How a Jersey Cow Helped Make the Perfect Proposal

A high school dance proposal used to simply consist of asking your date to the dance, but now there is a lot of hype about when and how you ask. Recently my daughter's proposal included a trip to the cow barn.

5 Ways to Ready Your Practice for June 11

June 11, 2023, is a Sunday and the day Guidance For Industry 263 goes into effect. No one knows how it’s going to play out at the producer level or for your practice. 

Health Advocates and Online Activists Sue FDA Over Antibiotics in Livestock

A coalition of public health advocacy groups and online activists have filed a lawsuit against the FDA and its Center for Veterinary Medicine, challenging the decision to keep important antibiotics in animal ag.

Wonder How Much Food Prices have Increased? USDA Just Shared the Numbers

Of the food categories depicted in the chart, all except beef and veal grew faster in 2022 than in 2021. In 2022, price increases surpassed 10 percent for food at home and for nine food categories.

Tulieve (tulathromycin injection) Introduction at 2023 NCBA Convention

Norbrook's latest anti-infective offers cattle industry affordable alternative to leading tulathromycin injectables in exclusive plastic bottles.

U.S. Dairy Cows Continue to Push Inland

The latest USDA Milk Production report saw a mere 0.8% increase in December’s milk production over the prior year. While states, like Texas and South Dakota continue to lead the way in year-over-year cow number growth.

Global Feed Production Estimates Released in 2023 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook

Combining data from 142 countries and over 28,000 feed mills, Alltech recently shared its 2023 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook with global feed production survey data.

‘Dairy-Based’ Alternative Meats Could Become a Reality

There's now an 'alternative' to alternative plant-based meats. And the first ingredient just might shock you.

Best, Four-Legged Farm Hands Announced in Farm Bureau’s Farm Dog of the Year Contest

Providing purpose both on and off the farm, farm and ranch dogs earn top honors, selected from over 100 contestants across the nation, in the annual Farm Bureau contest.

Nine Research Grants Focus on Improving Beef and Swine Antibiotic Use

The International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Agriculture (ICASA) has awarded nine grants to develop management strategies that improve judicious antibiotic use in beef cattle and swine.

Cattle Health Impacts Carcass Traits

While genetic selection and feeding decisions play a large role in the quality of beef product reaching consumers' plates, a number of studies show cattle health is also a key factor affecting carcass quality.

Windbreaks for Cattle Protection and Snow Diversion

Shelter for livestock during the winter months can influence the success of calving and a livestock operation.

A Magical Rural Minnesota Christmas Tree

In 2012, Jerry Lageson flipped the switch and transformed an oak tree into a landmark for thousands of passersby. South of Faribault, Minn., Lageson annually adorns this tree with 50,000 white lights.

Tips to Boost Mental Health Ahead of the Holidays

The statistics surrounding mental health are alarming. The reasons varied, but while the holidays can be a time of happiness, it also can be challenging. Follow these tips if you notice your mental health worsening.

Is the Great Financial Reset Now Underway?

The latest CPI shows that while inflation may be slowing, it still remains above the Fed's target. As inflation impacts farmers across their operation, Dan Basse looks at some of the concerns as farmers head into 2023.

Profit Tracker: Packers Can’t Stop The Bleeding

Beef packers saw per head losses nearly double last week as wholesale beef prices tumbled $7 per cwt. lower. Pork processors are also found negative margins and producer margins remain short of breakeven.

Vytelle Announces Kansas City as Global Headquarters

Precision livestock company, Vytelle, announces Kansas City as their global headquarters.

Tyson Announces Bonuses for U.S. Workers

More than 90,000 U.S. hourly employees of Tyson Foods will receive year-end bonuses that range from $300 to $700.

Rural Veterinary Shortages Create Risks for U.S. Food System, New Study Says

More than 500 U.S. counties have shortages of food animal veterinarians, according to a report, authored by Cornell University’s Dr. Clinton Neill. The report highlights some solutions the U.S. government could deploy

American Ninja Warrior Alex Weber to Address the 20th Anniversary Milk Business Conference

The 2022 Milk Business Conference keynote speaker Alex Weber will grace the stage on Wed., Dec. 14th at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Profit Tracker: Beef Packer Losses Largest since 2017

The pendulum continues swinging toward cattle feeders as cash prices jumped $3 last week and left packers with their largest negative margins in nearly six years.

Syngenta Joins Trust In Beef™

Trust In Beef™ announced Syngenta has joined as a partner of the collaborative value chain program helping ranchers integrate climate-smart agriculture systems into their operations

Sen. Booker Proposes Industrial Agricultural Accountability Act

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker on Tuesday announced proposed legislation aimed at ending line-speed increases and “meatpacker self-inspection programs.”

USDA Seeks to Fund Antimicrobial Resistance Dashboard Development

Antimicrobials are some of the most critical tools for treating infections and saving people and animals. That's why APHIS is making up to $3 million in funding available to create antimicrobial resistance dashboards.