AABP Student Members Awarded $249,500 in Scholarships

The AABP Foundation administers all of the charitable functions of the association.
The AABP Foundation administers all of the charitable functions of the association.

In 2022, $249,500 in scholarships were awarded to American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) student members. Student recipients were acknowledged at the 2022 55th AABP Annual Conference which was held Sept. 22-24 in Long Beach, Calif.

The awards, funded by AABP members, AABP industry partners Merck Animal Health, the Zoetis Foundation and the AABP Foundation, will enable recipients to further pursue their careers in bovine medicine. The AABP Foundation administers all of the charitable functions of AABP.

This year, the AABP Foundation received 177 scholarship applications and awarded 43 scholarships. Adding to the Amstutz scholarship funds were the Amstutz live and silent auctions and the annual 5K Stampede Fun Run sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

“I am always encouraged by the next generation of bovine veterinarians,” says AABP Executive Director Dr. Fred Gingrich. “These students are the future of bovine practice and I am proud of the support that AABP and the AABP Foundation provides student members. We are thankful to Merck Animal Health, the Zoetis Foundation, and our member donors for supporting these scholarship programs administered by the AABP Foundation.”

2022 Amstutz Scholarship Recipients
Nine veterinary students received the $10,500 2022 Harold E. Amstutz Scholarship. Funding sources are AABP member contributions, investment fund interest and dividends, and proceeds from the AABP Live and Silent Auctions and raffle. The 2022 recipients are:

•    Caroline Beninger, University of Calgary
•    Lillian Feider, University of Wisconsin
•    Peter Liddell, Oregon State University
•    Gabrielle Merry, Cornell University
•    Tucker Roberts, Texas A&M University
•    Paige Schmidt, Kansas State University
•    Emily Smith, University of Missouri
•    Payton Smith, North Carolina State University
•    Tanya Weber, Washington State University

2022 Francis Welcome Future Dairy Practitioner Scholarship
The Francis Welcome Memorial Scholarship is to support superior 3rd year veterinary students who demonstrate the character, knowledge and potential to become outstanding dairy veterinarians upon graduation. 

The Francis Welcome Memorial Scholarship was endowed by the Welcome family, and supported through member donations, to honor the memory of AABP Honor Roll member Dr. Francis (Frank) Welcome who was actively involved in the AABP organization throughout his career. 

•    Monika Dziuba, Michigan State University
•    Jared Sanderson, Michigan State University

2022 Zoetis Foundation Scholarship Recipients
Veterinary students graduating in 2023 were eligible for the Zoetis Scholarship. This year 12 students received the $5,000 award which is generously funded by the Zoetis Foundation. The 2022 recipients are:

•    Wyatt Catron, Oklahoma State University
•    Molly Cleveland, The Ohio State University
•    Trevor Copes, Tufts University
•    Payton Duitscher, Iowa State University
•    Monika Dziuba, Michigan State University
•    Lindsey Fenster, University of Georgia
•    Tristen Fulton, Iowa State University
•    Alec Lucas, Mississippi State University
•    Ened McNett, Oregon State University
•    Jessica Meseck, Iowa State University
•    Jared Sanderson, Michigan State University
•    Emily Schuurmans, Michigan State University

2022 Merck Animal Health Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Awards 
Eighteen 3rd and 4th year veterinary students have been chosen to receive this $5,000 scholarship generously sponsored by Merck Animal Health. The 2022 recipients are:

•    Madison Baumgartner, University of Minnesota
•    Caroline Beninger, University of Calgary
•    Eleni Casseri, Cornell University
•    Cayley Childress, University of Arizona
•    Emma Cijka, Cornell University
•    Trevor Copes, Tufts University 
•    Gregor Greer, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
•    Jessie Hoagland, Ross University
•    Paige Isensee, University of Missouri
•    Mallory McConathy, Louisiana State University
•    Hannah McCray, Cornell University
•    Elisabeth Regusci, Cornell University 
•    Emily Schuurmans, Michigan State University
•    Seth Shirky, Cornell University
•    Lilly Smith, North Carolina State University
•    Payton Smith, North Carolina State University
•    Emily Violini, Washington State University
•    Kaci Way, The Ohio State University

2022 Edwin Robertson ET Scholarship
This $500 scholarship, named after the late Dr. Edwin Robertson, is for Auburn or Lincoln Memorial University veterinary students who are AABP members. This scholarship supports a theriogenology, embryo transfer or advanced reproductive techniques experience.

•    Alexis Smith – Auburn University
•    Hannah Stokley – Auburn University

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Next up will be the 6th Annual AABP Recent Graduate Conference Feb. 10-11, 2022 in Knoxville, Tenn.  

The 2023 56th AABP Annual Conference will be held Sept. 21-23 in Milwaukee, Wis. 


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