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The 2011 NBQA

The National Beef Quality Audit helps us measure where we have been and maps out where we want to go.
Refresh your memory on the 2011 audit results, then stay tuned this month as we release the 2016 audit during the

A Cattle Rancher's Toolkit

Cattle farmers and ranchers have many tools in their toolkits to keep the animals in their care healthy, including nutrition programs, veterinary care, proper housing, management practices, vaccines and antibiotics, whe

Proper Dairy Animal Care

It's June Dairy Month, so we want to highlight our 2017 Dairy BQA Award winner!
Tricia Adams, Hoffman Farms from Shinglehouse, Pa., says treating their cows with low-stress and human handling will only have more value o

Myths vs. Facts

Myth: Farmers and ranchers leave their cattle to fend for themselves in frigid winter conditions, such as the polar vortex.<p></p>
The Facts: Winter is tough on all of us - every living thing is struggling to stay w