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Brad Hulett is a marketing representative for Consolidated Beef Producers in Amarillo, Texas. He is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University-Maryville and formerly worked as a cattle buyer for Cargill Meat Solutions. Consolidated Beef Producers is a cooperative of cattlemen and feedyard owners striving to expand marketing opportunities for themselves and their customers. Heard in the Alleys weekly cattle market insight is produced in cooperation with Drovers, and is intended for information purposes only, and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell commodities or securities.
Brad Hulett, Consolidated Beef Producers, Inc

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Pandemonium Over Coronavirus Drives Cash Lower

Mar 16, 2020 by Brad Hulett
Cattle producers continued to be in the crosshairs of the chaos in the global markets. In the south producers found $110 was the best trade they could get, with cattle trading as low as $105 by the end of last week.