Zoetis and American Guernsey Association Announce Genomic Testing Agreement

Zoetis and the American Guernsey Association (AGA) this week announced a genomic testing agreement to help improve Guernsey breed performance and production objectives. With this agreement, AGA elected to partner exclusively with Zoetis for its leading genomic testing solutions. Association members can make confident genetic selection decisions to advance progress toward a dairy’s goals using Clarifide® and Clarifide® Ultra, two powerful genomic selection tools from Zoetis. Additionally, producers will have access to the new online genomic data management tool, SearchPoint™. With SearchPoint, users can quickly access their genetic test results and easily view them in custom reports, tables and graphs that are shareable with partners and herd advisers.

“Partnering with Zoetis will provide our breed access to the best combination of technology and support in the genetics field, and we are excited to work with the industry leader,” said Doug Granitz, CEO and board of directors executive secretary at AGA. “We want to expand the Guernsey breed with the most profitable, well-performing animals possible. Through our exclusive agreement with Zoetis, we hope to even further improve the assets of this great breed.”

Using Clarifide and Clarifide Ultra from Zoetis, AGA members can:

Garnering improved reliability at a very young age is the cornerstone of why producers leverage genomic testing. They can have more confidence in decisions with more than a lifetime of information provided in one test.

“We look forward to working with the American Guernsey Association to help accelerate genetic progress in the Guernsey breed,” said Cheryl Marti, associate director, U.S. Marketing, Dairy Genetics and Reproduction, Zoetis. “Our support network has worked with more than 1,000 producers on genetic improvement strategies, often involving whole-herd testing in young heifers and utilizing results in multiple ways. AGA members will now have access to that support and be able to use the genetic selection tools Zoetis offers, like SearchPoint, to make better-informed decisions for their herd situation and track herd genetic goals going forward, whatever they may be.”

AGA members may leverage Clarifide and Clarifide Ultra by submitting samples through the association or directly to Zoetis. To learn more about genomic testing to reach your Guernsey herd’s potential, please visit Clarifide.com or contact AGA or your Zoetis representative.