WVC Honors Students and Veterinary Postgraduates

The WVC 91st Annual Conference will take place February 17-20, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. ( WVC )

Veterinary postgraduates and students across North America were honored by WVC for their leadership and dedication to veterinary medicine. Together they will join over 14,000 veterinary professionals for the WVC 91st Annual Conference held February 17-20, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Five postgraduates have been selected to be honored with the with the Dr. W. Bruce Wren Food Animal Incentive Award, named for longtime WVC food animal program manager and industry leader W. Bruce Wren, DVM. The recipients have demonstrated excellence in this practice area and included:

  • Dr. William Jumper, Mississippi State University
  • Dr. Lauren Waltzer, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Morgan Adkins, University of Georgia
  • Dr. Adam Copeland, Iowa State University
  • Dr. Robin Stevens, Western College of Veterinary Medicine

The Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Awards commemorates 38 third-year DVM Students and two Veterinary Technician students for their leadership skills and service to the veterinary profession. Chosen by their college/university for the prestigious honor, awardees hailed from the following accredited institutions:

  • Jonathan Tubbs, Auburn University
  • Nick Dannemiller, Colorado State
  • Olivia Lenz, Cornell University
  • Zoe Frankel, Foothills College (Veterinary Technician)
  • Rachel Ostrem, Iowa State
  • Sara Wilkes, Kansas State
  • Jennifer Starvetsky, Lincoln Memorial University
  • Morgan Richard, Louisiana State
  • Chelsea Woodcock, Michigan State
  • Grady Gary, Midwestern University
  • Nancy Gavron, Mississippi State
  • Hannah Varnell, North Carolina State University
  • Nerisa Riedl, Ohio State University
  • Marianne Caron, Oklahoma State
  • Stormy Scharzenberger, Oregon State University
  • Christina Zaccardi, Pensacola State College (Veterinary Technician)
  • Chad Van Koot, Purdue University
  • Jazmeen Suleman, Ross University
  • Atalie Delgado, St. George's
  • Anna Marie Pratas, Texas A&M
  • Tatyana Kalani, Tufts University
  • Laurie Mangeli, Tuskegee University
  • Jaime Lemus, University of California - Davis
  • Brenna Sakatch, University of Calgary
  • Jonathan Smith, University of Florida
  • Madision Bajc, University of Georgia
  • Julie Calvert, University of Guelph
  • Shiloh Landskov, University of Illinois
  • Emily Pope, University of Minnesota
  • Pia Gomez, University of Missouri
  • Éloïse Johnson, Universite de Montreal
  • Jessica D'Amcio, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Gracyn Johnson, University of Saskatchewan
  • Elizabeth Hart Jones, University of Tennessee
  • Kyle Karlen, University of Wisconsin
  • Angela Ives, VA/MD Reg. College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jacqueline Alford, Washington State
  • Trusten Moore, Western University

Candidates interested in applying for the Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award or the Dr. W. Bruce Wren Food Animal Incentive Award may visit wvc.org/awards for the
latest information.