Wisconsin Fire Department Rescues Two Cows from Underground Manure Pit

A crew of firefighters in Wisconsin helped rescue two dairy cows from an underground manure pit.
( Waunakee Fire Department )

Firefighters in Wisconsin got an unusual emergency call when they were asked to help rescue two dairy cows trapped in a manure pit.

The Waunakee Fire Department arrived at a farm outside Waunakee around 7 pm on July 24 where two cows were stuck in an underground manure storage pit adjacent to a dairy barn.

First responders with the fire department wore breathing apparatus and had to enter the pit to attach halters and straps to the cows in an effort to hoist them out.

Both cows were successfully retrieved from the manure pit and hosed off.

The rescue was shared in a series of Facebook photos with the Waunakee Fire Department saying, “This makes cleaning up after a structure fire seems like child’s play.”


This was a new one for Waunakee FD. Two cows successfully rescued from an underground manure pit. This makes cleaning up after a structure fire seems like child’s play.

Posted by Waunakee Fire Department on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A follow up post was made by the Waunakee Fire Department letting people know the cows were safe and sound after a well-deserved bath. The cows were even “chewing their cud.”


“Update from our last post: both of the cows walked away with only a few small scratches and are back to normal cow life...

Posted by Waunakee Fire Department on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A similar rescue effort happened in Pennsylvania two weeks earlier when a cow was stuck in a manure lagoon. That rescue was also shared on Facebook by the fire crew who helped with the rescue.


This evening the officers of the Millersburg Fire Company received a page about a cow having fallen into a manure pit on...

Posted by Millersburg Fire Company on Thursday, July 12, 2018

More photos of the rescue in Wisconsin can be found in the following links: