Webinar: Get the scoop on the VFD

Producers and veterinarians face big changes in the ways they use feed-grade antibiotics, and a June 17 webinar sponsored by Zoetis and hosted by Vance Publishing will help them prepare. The webinar will take place at 1:00 pm Central time on Wednesday, June 17.

The FDA published its revised Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) rule on June 3. The rule will end over-the-counter sales of medically important antibiotics for use in feed. Instead, producers will need to work through their veterinarian to obtain a VFD, which is similar to a prescription, for use of those products.

Concurrently, FDA is moving toward full implementation of Guidance 213, which will end cattle-performance uses of medically important antibiotics, limiting label claims to prevention, control or treatment of disease.

These new policies will bring significant changes to the ways producers and veterinarians do business and manage herd health. The upcoming webinar will feature three veterinarians who have been closely involved in FDA’s initiative on judicious use of antimicrobials and can explain the new rules and outline practical steps for compliance.

Presenters include:

·         John Hallberg, DVM, PhD, is director of Regulatory Affairs for Veterinary Medicine Research and Development at Zoetis. His key role is the registration of new livestock products with the FDA. Dr. Hallberg has been involved with a multitude of product registrations either as a development scientist or a regulatory manager. He provides regulatory consultation to many early research programs in biopharmaceutics, antibacterial lead-seeking and growth promotion. He is also the Chairman of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for the Kalamazoo Richland site within Zoetis. 

·         Paul Ruen. DVM is a partner at the Fairmont Veterinary Clinic in Minnesota. He has served as president of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) and served on its board of directors for many years.  He has presented at the AASV annual meeting, the Leman Conference, the International Pig Veterinary Society, and the North American Veterinary Conference, among others.  Currently Ruen also serves on the AVMA Steering Committee for FDA Policy on Veterinary Oversight of Antimicrobials.

·         Gatz Riddell, DVM, of Auburn, Ala., serves as Executive Vice President of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP). Riddell will provide perspective from AABP’s involvement with FDA and the animal-health industry in planning for the new antimicrobial policies.

The webinar now is available for on-demand viewing from BovineVetOnline