VIN Foundation Launches Student Debt Center

The VIN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing tools and resources to support veterinary students and veterinarians throughout their careers, is excited to announce the launch of its Student Debt Center, a mobile-friendly comprehensive resource for all things related to student debt, in particular veterinary student debt.

With veterinarians leaving school having a debt load routinely exceeding two times their salary, and far surpassing the "healthy" debt-to-income ratio of most professions, this is a critical issue impacting the veterinary profession. Veterinary student debt-related stress is taking a toll on individuals and the profession - a toll measured in physical, emotional and financial stress. The VIN Foundation is answering the call to this crisis with the Student Debt Center.

VIN Foundation's student debt expert, Dr.

Tony Bartels, stated, "Helping veterinarians understand their borrowing and loan repayment options is key to surviving this crisis. It starts before veterinary school and continues for the duration of loan repayment; this is where the VIN Foundation can help our colleagues climb, survive and thrive no matter how high their debt load."


VIN Foundation Student Debt Center

is a mobile-friendly, comprehensive resource made up of three sections:



Cost of Education Map, a realistic look at the cost of veterinary schools, taking into consideration resident, non-resident, and private tuition along with living expenses.



Student Loan Repayment Simulator, an interactive program giving detailed repayment cost comparisons based on anticipated income, family information, total loan amount and repayment plan.

A forgiveness planning module also helps those utilizing income-driven repayment understand and plan for estimated tax consequences due to forgiveness.


WikiDebt, a resource library for all things dealing with educational debt specific to veterinary students and veterinarians.

As with all the VIN Foundation programs, the Student Debt Center is a free resource. You may learn more at

and share with your colleagues to help the veterinary profession thrive.

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