Vets Regret: More Than 50% Would Not Choose Vet School Again

( SparkPost )

A 2019 poll shows more than half of veterinarians would look for a different career path if they were starting over today. Here’s the snapshot:

What are the reasons behind the regrets? Consider these facts:

> Many bovine veterinarians say they wouldn’t recommend a job as a large animal veterinarian. And we’re pretty sure that the  $143,757.82 in vet school debt load doesn’t help.

> As the number of bovine veterinarians continues to decline, large animal veterinarians face increasing pressure to offer care to larger areas. “[I struggle with] cash flow and charging enough to keep the practice afloat while remaining affordable to my clients in an area where animal agriculture is struggling,” writes one large animal veterinarian. Can you relate?

> From finding labor and managing public perceptions about antibiotic usage to pushing technology growth, there are many reasons large animal veterinarians are feeling frustrated. Check out their top issues here.

What's the hardest part of being a large animal veterinarian? Share your story here.


Submitted by Javier on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 15:14

Mi experiencia de 15 años en México y actualmente en U.S. me indican que es poco remunerada.
My experience of 15 years in Mexico and currently in the USA. UU. He tells me that he is underpaid.