Veterinary Feed Directives: How Are They Working?

Pyburn 2
The education and training that took place before the veterinary feed directives began in January 2017 have paid off for the pork industry. ( PORK )

It’s been a relatively smooth transition since January 1, 2017, when the Veterinary Feed Directives went into effect. Thanks to well-planned and well-executed education programs implemented by the pork industry long before that date, producers, veterinarians and allied industry personnel were prepared to modify their systems to handle the increased level of oversight.

“I know of no FDA investigations where there have been violations,” says Dave Pyburn, DVM, senior vice president of science and technology at the National Pork Board. “I’m really encouraged by the response I’ve seen in the industry.”

The next step is to make sure the supply chain and customers understand why and how antibiotics are used. It’s no different from humans, Pyburn says: Animals are treated for better health, better welfare and for ethical reasons.

Watch this video with Dr. Pyburn for more about the judicious use of antibiotics.