USMEF Audio: Virtual Reality Helps Educate Customers About U.S. Meat

A chef participates in a virtual reality U.S. beef cutting demonstration. ( USMEF )

German Navarrete, the U.S. Meat Export Federation's (USMEF) corporate chef based in Mexico, recently developed a U.S. meat cutting demonstration utilizing virtual reality technology that uses 360-degree video images representing various meat cuts. With support from the USDA Agricultural Trade Promotion Program, the USMEF virtual seminar was developed prior to COVID-19 related travel restrictions. But it has even more potential for use now that single-venue training seminars are so difficult to conduct, according to a USMEF release. 

In the audio clip below, Chef Navarrete elaborates on the objectives of these training exercises and the wide range of food industry professionals who can benefit from them. More details are available from the USMEF website, including a video illustrating the benefits of the virtual seminars.