Top 10 News Stories of 2018, Page 2

The Top 10 News Stories from in 2018
( Alison Fulton )

Top 10 News Stories, Continued

5. A fully vetted idea

In May, Texas Tech got a $69 million boost from the Amarillo City Council to ensure the construction of the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine (TTU SVM) in Amarillo, Texas. The highlights: “Along with addressing the critical shortage of rural veterinarians, the TTU SVM will be the only veterinary school in the country co-located with a pharmacy school and medical school on the same campus, thus expanding opportunities to combine research efforts impacting both human and animal health.” Read more here.

4. A striking story

It was sad enough when KOTV meteorologist Lacey Swope shared the news of 12 cows killed in a lightning strike. But this story took a strange turn when Facebook readers began to criticize the farmer for the fact these cattle were in the field instead of a barn. While many viewers were quick to correct the critics who wanted to blame the farmer, the story highlights the gaps in consumer knowledge. Read the full story, including consumer comments, here.

3.  An unsightly eye problem

What was once thought to be only a cattle parasite has now been found in a woman’s eye. The story reports: “In 2016, Abby Beckley, 26 years old at the time had 14 worms removed from her eye by doctors after experiencing irritation in her left eye. The worms were discovered to be Thelazia gulosa, a parasitic worm that is known to breed in cattle’s eyeballs, thus earning the nickname “the cattle eyeworm.” The eyeworms are spread by face flies and are typically found in the northern U.S. and southern Canada.” Read more about the parasite here.

2. March of the tick

In its second appearance in the headlines this year, the longhorn tick snagged its another top 10 headline as it spread into sightings in eight states, including New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and New York, in addition to Maryland and Pennsylvania. Read how it hitched its ride to new locations here.

1. Horse Feed Contamination

The top news story of 2018 takes a decidedly equine turn with the news that the FDA warned two firms about monensin contamination in horse feed. While the drug is an animal drug approved for use in cattle, swine, and poultry, it’s highly toxic and potentially lethal to horses, even at relatively low levels. Read the FDA’s advice for horses exposed to the contaminated feed here.