Top 10 Clinical Articles of 2018, Page 2

( Alison Fulton )


5.  The Environmental Disease Called Pinkeye

Have you ever thought about how some years get labeled “bad years” for a certain animal disease? There is still talk of how early 2018 was a “bad year” for calf scours. Likewise, there are “bad years” for calf pneumonia and even “bad years” for breeding on pasture. Read about the role environment plays in making it a “bad year” for pinkeye. 


4. Mystery Malady

Can you diagnose what’s wrong with this mature adult cow that was raised on pasture in central Kansas? We think the answer will surprise you!


3. Preconditioning: More Options, Same Challenges

If every calf arriving at a backgrounding or feeding operation boasted a full preconditioning program and 45 days of weaning, we’d probably see significant improvements in their health and performance. Some cow-calf producers would, however, take a hit on their profit and loss statements, with market premiums failing to cover their preconditioning costs. Veterinarian Glenn Rogers identifies the top trends and challenges here.


2. Supplementing Feeder Calves

Learn how strategic dietary supplementation could improve calf immunity during the stressful weaning and receiving periods. 1

1. Win the Lame Game

Worldwide, about 23% of dairy cattle experience lameness issues, with three types of hoof lesions causing most of those problems, says University of Wisconsin veterinarian Nigel Cook, BVSc. Learn more about each type and how to reduce lameness risk in dairy cattle here.