Synchronization Success: Heifer Puberty and Timed AI

Heifer development isn't just an estimate on age—physical maturity is a major factor in a heifer's first conception success. ( Texas A&M AgriLife Research )

There were three main priorities beef cattle industry researchers had when developing fixed-time AI protocols that are now found in most university recommendations and allied industry breeding resources, said University of Missouri researcher David Patterson during a recent reproductive strategy webinar from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

Here are the reasons:

1. Easy to schedule and administer

2. Reduce or minimize animal handling

3. Result in a highly synchronized, fertile estrus and ovulation

But now researchers are asking what’s next.

Patterson gives a detailed look at why we must understand the science behind fixed-time and split-time AI protocols for the overall health and performance of our future cow herds in the first part of an extensive webinar series. 

Download the 2019 Beef Cow and Heifer Protocols PDF from the Beef Reproduction Task Force. 

Click the video below to hear Patterson explain the protocols.   


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