Steer Clear! Man Takes Steer to Pet Store

A Texas Petco honored their “all leashed pets are welcome” policy when a man brought a haltered steer to the store. ( Photo/Video credit: Shelly Lumpkin )

Oliver the African Watusi looks impressive in any setting, but he stole the show when he was led by a halter into a Houston area Petco.

For owner Vincent Browning and friend Shelly Lumpkin, it was a fun chance to test Petco’s “all leashed pets are welcome” policy. For Oliver, who regularly participates in rodeos and shows, it was just another day serving as a cattle ambassador. Check out Oliver’s visit to Petco and watch the staff welcome this steer with smiles, rubs and selfies here:

The real question: What special treat did Oliver receive? Our bet’s on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats. And if Oliver visits again, we suggest this Petco consider investing in a bigger pet accident cleanup station.

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