PortaCheck Introduces New Passive Transfer Test for Dairy Calves

The new test measures passive transfer of IgG to calves. ( PortaCheck )

In response to requests from bovine veterinary practitioners and calf raisers, PortaCheck has added a new on-farm passive transfer test called IgGCheck to their product line.

“Monitoring immunoglobulin (IgG) levels in newborn calves is key to ensuring they have received adequate transfer of antibodies from colostrum. Getting quick and accurate results on the farm can make the difference in the animal’s long term health and production. This 10-minute test measures antibodies not just protein levels like other products being used to check calves today,” said Mike Gavin, President of PortaCheck.

PortaCheck has become an on-farm testing leader with a full product line that assists producers in making management decisions and improving animal health. The company also provides the BHBCheck blood ketone test, the PortaCheck Rainbow Scours test, UdderCheck™ sub-clinical mastitis test, the PortaBHB® milk ketone test and the PortaSCC® milk test for dairy cattle and goats. These reliable tools are available in more than 65 countries worldwide. To learn more about them, visit the PortaCheck website.


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