Phibro Presents Research Findings at ADSA Meeting

Phibro Animal Health Corporation supported several research studies presented at the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) 2017 Annual Meeting that provide additional support in understanding how certain products work within dairy cow feeding and management programs.

Research presented included the effects of feeding OmniGen-AF® nutritional specialty product to dry cows to help reduce heat stress and the effects of feeding Animate® nutritional specialty product in negative dietary cation-anion diets (DCAD) in combination with high dietary calcium to reduce the risk of hypocalcemia.

“At Phibro, we believe providing premium products is just one of the many ways to truly benefit producers,” said Jim Chapman Ph.D., director of research and technical services. “We strive to go beyond the product to serve our producers and their advisors with information and management practices that help benefit their dairy operations and help improve their bottom line.”

Each year, university and other scientific studies are submitted for presentation at the ADSA meetings. This year, the results from 7 projects (12 abstracts), conducted with Phibro support, were presented in oral and poster sessions, each presenting insightful findings and data that support Phibro’s efforts in providing valued products and services to the industry.

Heat Stress
In a study conducted at the University of Florida led by Dr. Thiago Fabris and Dr. Geoff Dahl, OmniGen-AF was fed to late-lactation and dry cows subjected to heat stress. The study measured mammary gland tissue involution and recovery during the dry period. Their study concluded that OmniGen-AF may improve the capacity of the mammary gland for milk yield after calving. “We now believe this may be one of the mechanisms for increased milk yield in cows fed OmniGen-AF,” said Dr. Chapman.

Phibro has introduced an OmniGen-AF texting campaign to educate producers about the effects of heat stress on dairy cows. In this campaign, producers can choose to receive tips from renowned heat stress researcher and expert Dr. Geoff Dahl, by texting “KeepCool” to a designated number. Dairy producers will then receive weekly texts from Dr. Dahl with management and feeding recommendations on how to help protect their herds from heat stress.

Producers who enter the texting campaign will be automatically entered to win an onsite consultation by a leading milking parlor professional.

Negative Dietary Cation-Anion Difference (DCAD) Diets

Dr. Chapman said the negative DCAD study, conducted by Dr. Laura Hernandez of the University of Wisconsin, should be of interest to producers and dairy consultants that use this prepartum nutrition strategy.

In a study led by Dr. Hernandez, cows fed a high level of dietary calcium with a fully acidified negative DCAD prepartum diet with Animate were better protected from hypocalcemia. Dr. Chapman said, “We are excited to share these findings with producers and consultants as it shows that the proper level of dietary calcium is critical to enhancing the benefits of a fully acidified prepartum diet with Animate.”

Dr. Chapman continued, “We recommend providing a minimum of 180 grams of dietary calcium daily with fully acidified Animate diets for optimum fresh cow health and performance. We believe that the findings from Dr. Hernandez’s study support our recommendation, and will influence the way negative DCAD prepartum dairy diets are formulated.”

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