Pharmgate and ECO Animal Health Expand Partnership to Japan and Brazil

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ECO-Pharm Limited, a joint venture of Pharmgate and ECO Animal Health, announces an expansion of its of swine vaccines into Japan and Brazil.

“Our timely entry into these two important swine health markets is evidence of our shared commitment to deliver products and services that work for farmers, veterinarians and the animals they care for,” says Pharmgate President and CEO Colin Gray. “Our companies are built on the quality of our products and the depth of our technical knowledge and field support. This joint venture brings these qualities together to benefit our customers around the world.”

ECO-Pharm Limited was established in April and began steps for registration, marketing, sales and distribution of Pharmgate swine vaccine products in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Based in the Republic of Ireland, ECO-Pharm is a joint venture of Pharmgate LLC, a leading global animal health organization based in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA and ECO Animal Health Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ECO Animal Health Group plc.

“This expansion is an important milestone in the development of ECO-Pharm Limited,” says Peter Lawrence, Chairman of ECO Animal Health Group plc. “Swine vaccines account for half the animal health market for this species in Japan and almost a quarter of this market in Brazil.”

Pharmgate and ECO have jointly established Pharmgate Animal Health in the U.S. (2010) and Canada (2011). These successful operations market their owners’ range of extensively-used medicated feed additives and innovative new therapeutic compounds for livestock and poultry. Pharmgate has recently licensed and commercialized their swine vaccine products in North America through these joint ventures.

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