New Veterinary Student Research Fellowships Available

The Vet Fellows will focus their research on zoonotic diseases--a result of pathogens that can be passed from animals to humans. ( File Photo )

Calling all veterinary students. If you have an interest in research, specifically research related to zoonotic-based infectious diseases, consider the upcoming opportunities available from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR).

The organization is funding five new veterinary fellowships – in addition to 10 it already had in the works – in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The students selected for the fellowships will conduct pandemic and zoonotic research, according to Sally Rockey, FFAR executive director. Up to 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, meaning a pathogen can spread from animals to humans.

“Understanding new diseases in animals, and especially how they spread, is vital to slowing transmission and developing remedies,” Rockey said in a news release.

To bolster the scientific workforce in response to the coronavirus, the release said FFAR will not require the 2020 Vet Fellows to secure matching funds.

The nomination deadline is open to May 6, 2020, with the 15 FFAR Vet Fellows to be announced this summer.

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