Melengestrol Acetate Approved For Estrus Suppression

The product is available as a Type A liquid-medicated article for use in heifers. ( File Photo )

Huvepharma has received FDA-approval for CycleGuard 500, a melengestrol acetate feed additive used for suppression of estrus in heifers.

Available as a Type A liquid-medicated article, CycleGuard 500 is a bio-equivalent product to MGA and HeiferMaX, meaning it provides the same benefits of dosage, chemical identity, potency, quality and safety to these existing melengestrol acetate brands.

CycleGuard 500 can be used to suppress estrus in heifers intended for breeding as well as to suppress estrus among heifers fed in confinement and intended for slaughter. For feedlot heifers, melengestrol acetate is also proven to increase rate of weight gain and improve feed efficiency. CycleGuard 500 must be mixed with other feeds when fed and fed according to label directions.

Huvepharma has offered animal health products for cattle, swine and poultry in the U.S. since 2005. In addition to CycleGuard 500, over the past year, the company has received FDA approvals for Monovet 90 (monensin), the first available bio-equivalent monensin, and Optigrid 45 (ractopamine HCl), as well as launched RESPIVax, a new BRD vaccine.

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