Long, Hours, Low Pay and Student Debt: Bovine Vets' Top Challenges

Veterinarians face tough challenges in the practice of large animal medicine.
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“[I struggle with] cash flow and charging enough to keep the practice afloat while remaining affordable to my clients in an area where animal agriculture is struggling,” writes one large animal veterinarian. Can you relate?

We asked large animal veterinarians to put a name to the biggest hardships they face in their profession. Here’s a look at what they said:

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Submitted by Joseph Itle on Tue, 12/25/2018 - 17:20

The loss of dairy small family farms especially this past year has had a huge impact on the veterinary profession. A veterinarian needs clients to serve in order have a profitable practice. I would worry more about the loss of farmers, especially the next generation who are trying to purchase the farm and inadequate income by the sale of milk to do so.