Livestock Neglect Results in 200 Dead Cattle on Nebraska Feedlot

Stock photo of a crime scene investigation. ( Multimedia Graphic Network, Inc. )

A case of more than 200 dead cattle in southern Nebraska is being investigated as livestock neglect.

The Nebraska State Patrol sent out a press release on April 4 detailing that more than 200 deceased cattle and one deceased horse were found on a feedlot in Fillmore County. The dead livestock were found while a search warrant was being served at 1817 Road C near Exeter.

Assisting in the investigation is the Nebraska Brand Committee and Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office. 

The Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office shared with KSNB that complaints had been filed by people who housed their cattle at the feedlot. 

“We’ve been investigating this feedlot for a couple weeks, and developed enough information to have a search warrant,” says William Burgess, Fillmore County Sheriff.

There were more than 200 other cattle that were found to be in questionable to poor condition at the property. Those remaining animals were removed and had been placed on a nearby ranch to be cared for.

The Nebraska Brand Committee is also investigating reports of theft of livestock and violations of the Nebraska Livestock Brand Act.

No arrests were reported and the case is still being investigated.