Lee Brice Talks #FarmON Benefit Concert, Time at Home and New Music

FarmOn Benefit Concert Lee Brice Interview 081220
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Country music star Lee Brice is slated to headline the upcoming #FarmON Concert which will benefit the National 4-H Council’s FOURWARD Fund, and cap the first Farm Journal Field Days, the New American Farm Show Experience.

AgDay’s Clinton Griffiths had a chance to catch up with Brice and talk about the concert, his extra time home with family during the COVID-19 pandemic, new music and more.

COVID-19 has presented a glass half-full opportunity for Brice. Touring is a big part of how musicians make their livelihood and that’s been thrown into uncertainty. However, Brice says he’s been able to try new technology with virtual concerts and spend more time at home with his family.

“Our main livelihood is being able to play shows live and that's been pretty much shut down. So, we've had to figure out how to do some concerts online and stay relevant in that way,” he says.

“But on the other side of it, I've also been home a whole summer and normally I would be on the road literally almost every day. My kids and myself and my wife will look back one day on all the fun times we’ve had. This was one of the best summers we have ever had as a family because I've been with them every single day, which is the opposite of what I would be doing. And who knows when I'll have that that opportunity again,” he continues.

That quality time has also allowed Brice to pass on important lessons to his kids on their farm that are not only great experience like learning to check the oil in a car or hooking up a trailer but are also lessons they can use in later in life.

“The things I was learned about on the farm have served me well in other ventures in my life, and in the music industry—learning to work hard to persevere and figuring things out. And all that stuff comes from all those little things that I was taught on a daily basis growing up,” Brice says.

Although the pandemic itself may not be the topic of an upcoming Brice hit, this time of change has provided inspiration and he’s still optimistic about what 2020 holds.

“I think we learned that normal is going to be a little different, but I'm optimistic that we're going to get past this and we're going to be playing shows and everybody's going to go to work. There have been so many things that have just kind of knocked us down [in 2020]. As soon as we think something's getting better, something changes and something else happens.

So next year, feels like the blue skies on the other side of a storm,” Brice says.

Aside from the #FarmON Benefit Concert happening on August 27 at 7 p.m. CT, up next for Brice is a new album due out in November.

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