How Do Declines in Dairies and Cow-Calf Operations Affect DVMs?

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Every day we hear the grim tales of the decline of dairies in states like Wisconsin and the shrinking number of smaller beef-cow operations and smaller feedlots. In December, our sister publication Dairy Herd Management reported record lows of Wisconsin dairies, down nearly 50% since 2003. As we wait to hear results from the 2017 Census of Agriculture on Feb. 21, we wondered, how are bovine veterinarians being affected by the changing marketplace? Take the poll.


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Submitted by Joe Itle V.M.D. on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 05:01

The sad part of life is most of these farms going out of business were in the process of transitioning farm in to next generation and unable to financially sustain operation with same number of animals. These are good farm families in an environment of the present time which does not support this type of entity! Is this good or bad for society as a whole? Local community agriculture businesses are going to be a rarity also including veterinary practices. Is the consumer aware of the situation and is there concern to be made by the industry?