GVL, FDA plan VFD Audit Webinar, Solicit Questions

Record keeping will be critical in verifying compliance with VFD rules. ( John Maday )

When new veterinary feed directive (VFD) rules launched last year, FDA indicated they would initially focus on education, rather than penalties, to facilitate adoption and compliance. Audits will take place though, at feedmills, veterinary clinics and farms, and the enforcement process has been the subject of numerous stakeholder questions.

To help address those questions and improve understanding of VFD rules, GlobalVetLink (GVL) has partnered with FDA in planning a webinar sometime in May. In preparation, GVL asks producers, veterinarians and feed suppliers to submit questions about VFD audits for discussion during the webinar. The GVL team plans to work directly with the FDA to answer questions during the webinar, while also providing general information about the audit process.

You can submit your questions online by Thursday, April 12, then watch for an upcoming announcement on the date and time for the webinar.