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Figure 2: Regarding the use of cannabis as an animal feed, 48% said they either strongly agreed or agreed that they would feed it to their animals.

Figure 2

Figure 3: The survey also asked if farmers and ranchers think it is ethical to feed cannabis products to animals if trace constituents, such as THC, can be found in the meat. Overwhelmingly, respondents said no.


Source: 2019 Farm Journal Cannabis in U.S. Agriculture Study

Objectives and methodology: Measure farmers’ and ranchers’ awareness
of cannabis and interest in growing hemp. The e-blast was distributed to row crop farmers with 1+ acres of corn, soybeans or wheat, and also to livestock producers with 1+ head of hogs, beef cattle, dairy cattle or poultry, and produce growers with 1+ acres of produce. A set of 950 completes yielded a margin of error of +/- 3.2%. Respondents were entered in a drawing to receive one of 25 copies of “Making the Family Farm the Family Business” by Chip Flory.


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