Diemel Remains Possibly Found In Nebraska Stock Trailer, Sheriff Says

Nick and Justin Diemel went missing July 21, 2019. ( Diemel family )

In a bizarre twist to a strange murder case, a Nebraska rancher says he found human remains in a stock trailer he purchased in Missouri and now authorities are investigating a possible connection to the Diemel brothers’ murders.  

The Lincoln County, Neb., Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post the rancher called them on Friday after he dumped a large plastic tub full of dirt that was in the stock trailer onto his driveway. The rancher believed there were human remains in the dirt.

“Upon examination, Deputies confirmed the remains were definitely human and noticed personal items in the tub,” the Facebook post said. “Deputies were able to ascertain the remains possibly belonged to one of two brothers from Wisconsin, who were alleged victims of a homicide in northwestern Missouri.”

The Lincoln County sheriff contacted the Caldwell County, MO, sheriff who flew with Missouri State Police into Lincoln County Friday evening to retrieve the remains.

Nick and Justin Diemel went missing in Northwest Missouri on July 21. The Wisconsin brothers went to Garland Nelson’s farm to collect $250,000 they were owed for cattle, according to court documents. Human remains were found on the farm by authorities 10 days later.

Garland Joseph Nelson, 25, was arrested July 26 for tampering with a rental vehicle after authorities said he drove a truck the brothers rented from his farm to a commuter lot where it was found abandoned. He was charged with two counts of murder on Oct. 23, 2019. Nelson had been held without bail since his arret.

The Diemel brothers operated Diemel Livestock, Navarino, Wisc., and they had business dealings with cattlemen in multiple states.

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