DCWC Webinar to Address Polled Genetics

The webinar is scheduled for January 23, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. ( Dairy Cattle Welfare Council )

The Dairy Cattle Welfare Council (DCWC) will launch its 2019 webinar series with a session on “Considerations for implementing aggressive use of polled genetics.” The webinar, scheduled for January 23, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, will feature Dr. Chad Dechow; Associate Professor of Dairy Cattle Genetics, Penn State University

DCWC notes that consumers today are very different than they used to be, yet have a strong interest in where their food comes from, including how food animals are raised and handled. The webinar series intends to help the industry address welfare issues and build consumer trust in dairy products. The webinars are geared toward dairy farmers, veterinarians, consultants, industry, Extension/academia, and government representatives interested in many aspects of dairy cattle welfare. DCWC strongly encourages professional, undergraduate, and graduate students to participate.

The live webinars are free of charge, and you can register here.

The DCWC also reminds that Early Bird Registration is open for the 4th Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium to be held May 29-30, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Space is limited to 250 people. There will also be a one-half day Spanish-Speaking Session targeted towards farm managers, herdsmen, and key employees. Register and find more details on the symposium website.