Campus Connection: Response from Laura May

Laura Margaret May, Purdue University ( Purdue University )

While veterinary students generally enter their studies with a clear vision of the profession and the determination to achieve their academic and professional goals, they also encounter some eye-opening realities, some positive and some negative.


So, with that in mind here is the question our panel of veterinary students and recent DVM graduates address this month:


What aspect(s) of veterinary practice has surprised you most, either positively or negatively, as you learn more about your career choice?


Response from Laura May, Purdue University

When I first started veterinary school, I used to spot the 4th year students down in the hospitals and imagine myself in their shoes, “all-knowing” and ready to solve all animal health challenges. A rendition of an Albert Einstein quote is used a lot at school stating that the more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know. As I’ve shadowed more veterinarians throughout 4th year, I’ve learned that it’s going to take, first, honesty to accept that I will always know relatively little of the vast information available and second, the grit to maintain the drive for the best answers I can in that sea of information.


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