Campus Connection: Response from Dr. Olivia Myers

Dr. Olivia Myers, 2018 graduate, North Carolina State University ( North Carolina State University )

While veterinary students generally enter their studies with a clear vision of the profession and the determination to achieve their academic and professional goals, they also encounter some eye-opening realities, some positive and some negative.


So, with that in mind here is the question our panel of veterinary students and recent DVM graduates address this month:


What aspect(s) of veterinary practice has surprised you most, either positively or negatively, as you learn more about your career choice?


Response from Dr. Olivia Myers, 2018 graduate, North Carolina State University

The one aspect of veterinary medicine that has surprised me most is the amount of energy I dedicate to people instead of animals. When entering this profession, I knew that we would consult with farmers and pet owners about what the best medical choice for the animals would be but I hardly recognized the extent of this. I practice both small animal and food animal medicine and the majority of my day is spent convincing owners what is best for their animals and the financial factors associated with these decisions. Even when the best medical advice is given, it is ultimately up to the owner what will be done. The amount of human counseling and advice I give has come as a surprise to me in my first year of veterinary medicine.



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