Campus Connection: Response from Dr. Josina Kasper

Dr. Josina Kasper, 2018 graduate, Illinois ( Josina Kasper )

The beginning of this summer marked one year of moving to California and one year of work after graduation. It was exciting to think back on how far I have come since last year. Last summer I dreaded a calving because I was worried that I might not be successful, but now I look forward to the challenge because I know I have enough skill to do it or the sense to say that I can't. I think sometimes we get caught up in the fact that our clients think we know everything, so when we get challenged with something we might not know or cannot do, we make up an answer or reason without really looking into the issue so we can keep the appearance of being very knowledgeable. I think being able to say "I don't know" is one of the hardest things to do, but in the long run I think my clients appreciate it. There is still a lot that I don't know and so much more that I want to learn and be confident at that I don't want to hinder myself by trying to keep an image I can't keep up with. There will be times that we have all the answers and there will be more times were we don't, and being able to recognize the difference and build on the times we don't have the answers is most important. Veterinary medicine is a career of continual learning and building on yourself which is why I enjoy it so much. Looking back on this last year and thinking of all the low points and all the high points through the year, makes me realize all things I love about veterinary medicine and I know I wouldn't change it for anything. 

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