Bovine Veterinarian's Post-Mortem Series

The Post-Mortem Series is presented in partnership with Feedlot Health management Services, Okotoks, Alberta. For more information, visit their website at

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Post-Mortem: Atypical Interstitial Pneumonia (AIP)

These images show a calf-fed heifer that had been on feed for 130 days, with no previous treatment history, when first treated for signs of respiratory distress on May 24. Feedlot Health veterinarians diagnosed atypical interstitial pneumonia (AIP).

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Post-Mortem: Fibrinous Pneumonia

These images depict a steer calf that had been on feed for 20 days, at which time it was found dead in the pen. The veterinarians at Feedlot Health diagnosed this case as fibrinous pneumonia.

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Post-Mortem: Myocarditis

This image depicts a heifer calf found dead on November 18th at 34 days on feed (DOF) with no prior treatment history for undifferentiated fever. The veterinarians at Feedlot Health diagnosed myocarditis, most likely caused by Histophilus somni.

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