BCF Launches 2018 University Contest

Student teams could win an Easi-Scan ultrasound kit for their veterinary school in the BCF contest. ( BCF )

BCF Technology is excited to announce the return of the University Contest. Registration for the contest is now open until February 14, 2018. The University Contest is a competition that has been organized by BCF Technology for the last couple of years, and will be held between March 5-March 25, 2018. If the students sign up before January 31, 2018, they will receive a free BCF Technology travel mug.

Universities all over the United States and Canada compete in the University contest to win an Easi-Scan ultrasound kit with a value of just under $14,000. The kit includes an Easi-Scan 4, 3 Batteries, a battery charger, BUG OLED goggles, a waist bag, the Easi-Scan case, and a Remote Display. The equipment will be brand new and ready to be used by the winning university.

This year the University Contest will be held over two weeks.The first week, groups will be tasked with writing a clinical article related to ultrasound (more details revealed on March 5, 2018) and will be expected to submit the article by 11:59 pm on March 9, 2018. In the second week, groups are asked to submit 1- to 2-minute videos in which the group should explain why they deserve to win the Easi-Scan kit. The only rule for the video is to have fun with it!

The university contest has been an exciting event for a lot of students, who were disappointed that it was omitted in 2017. With its return for 2018, BCF Technology is eager to see the participation of universities across the United States and Canada.