Arby’s Says 'Impossible' to Fake Meats

Fake meats at Arby's? "Impossible," says the Atlanta-based restaurant chain. ( Arby's )

When VegNews published an article this week claiming “Arby’s Looks to Add Plant-Based Impossible Meat to Menu,” Arby’s decided it was necessary to point toward its slogan since 2014, “We Have the Meats.” And that means real meats.

An article in Food & Wine reports that a presentation targeting investors during Impossible Meats recent $300 million funding found, Arby’s was included among a group of chains that Impossible Meats claimed had reached out to them. But in a statement, Arby’s says it will never serve plant-based protein products.

“Contrary to reports this week, Arby’s is not one of the restaurant companies interested in working with Impossible Foods,” the statement said. “The chances we will bring plant-based menu items to our restaurants, now or in the future, are absolutely impossible.”

Publications such  as Adweek and Fortune credit Arby’s “We Have the Meats” campaign as sparking a major turnaround for the brand. Food & Wine wrote, “It’s easy to see why they wouldn’t want to undermine that message and, instead, decided to use this as a chance to double-down on something that’s been working. At the same time though, all these new plant-based fast food options aren’t just publicity stunts: It’s driven by real consumer desire. Unnecessarily coming down against plant-based meat might solidify Arby’s diehards but there’s a risk it could turn other customers off.”

Arby's is an Atlanta-based restaurant chain with 3,300 stores. 

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