Advice for a struggling dairy DVM

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A Bovine Veterinarian reader seeks advice on how to grow business with local dairy farmers.

Q: “I'm a veterinarian and my practice is around dairy cattle. Could you provide suggestions on how I can generate more customers? What can I do to help more dairy farmers know me and work with me? I'm experienced in all the essential skills for my dairy practice. Thank you.”

Bovine Veterinarian readers shared this advice:

Jill B.: “Connect with the local Department of Agriculture. They tend to have informational seminars for producers (at least in our area). Through them you can network with people. The other thing I'd say is you have to be willing to do what their current veterinarian won't or isn't doing. So if their current vet is no longer taking weekend emergencies, that's a service you can provide for them. That's how we started working with our current herd vet. He was willing to come on a holiday for an emergency and ours was not.”

Elizabeth B.: “Is there an area of vet med or animal health that you are specialized in? Or is there an area that you feel very passionate about? I think there are many producers who are looking for vets who can offer more. For example, lung ultrasound in calves, IVF work and so on. Find something that helps you stand out!”

Rhiannon W.: “Find your local cattleman’s association or a semen salesmen in your area. You can also put your card in local feed areas!”

Brittany O: “Be a good listener with your existing clientele.”

Anette S.: “Meet farmers in their community at events and seminars sponsored by organizations most dairy farmers are members of.”

James H.: “Have you considered adding diagnostic services to your practice? Animal Profiling International Inc. helps veterinarians add diagnostic testing to their value-added consultative medical knowledge. Might be worth a look into it.”

Debbie R.: “Present workshops on your dairy clients’ farms. Communities are always wanting to learn and visit schools to educate the children.”

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