Addison Biological Laboratory Releases Moraxella bovoculi Bacterin

Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc. announces the approval of the world's first commercial Moraxella bovoculi vaccine for the prevention of pinkeye in cattle. This USDA conditionally licensed product is the first of its kind. Previously the only method of prevention against Moraxella bovoculi was autogenous services. The product features eight specifically different Moraxella bovoculi isolates and an easily syringeable adjuvant.

"This vaccine signifies a breakthrough in convenience for the large number of veterinarians and herd owners battling the challenging problem of pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovoculi," said Bruce Addison, President of Addison Labs. "High quality diagnostic and autogenous services are effective in the prevention of Moraxella bovoculi, however they may not be practical in many cases due to herd size and the time it takes to create a herd specific bacterin."

The release of this bacterin signifies an extension of bovine pinkeye preventatives from Addison Labs. The Fayette, Missouri based company is also the manufacturer of the highly popular MAXI/GUARD Pinkeye Bacterin for the control of pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovis. For over 30 years, J. Bruce Addison, president and founder, has been recognized as a leader in veterinary diagnostics and herd specific bacterin production.