AABP Student Members Collect $275,000 in Scholarships and Awards

2019 Amtutz Scholarship Fund Recipients. (L-R): AABP Amstutz Chair Dr. Callie Willingham, AustinWenck, Megan Oswald, Shelbey Nagle, KaraLyn Lonngren, Liz Forker, Grace Ertle, Jonathan Richardson, AABPFoundation Chair Dr. Virginia Fajt

( Lizz Bauer/AABP )

Just over $275,000 in scholarships, awards and other support was awarded to veterinary students and graduate veterinarians at the 2019 52nd American Association of Bovine Practitioners Annual Conference held September 12-14 in St. Louis, Mo. The awards, funded by AABP members, AABP partners and the AABP Foundation, will enable recipients to further pursue their careers in bovine medicine.

”The AABP Foundation administers all of the charitable functions of AABP. In 2019, over $300,000 in awards, scholarships, education grants, externship grants and funding of clinical research was supported by the AABP Foundation,” says AABP Executive Director Dr. Fred Gingrich. “Supporting students and clinical research is a major mission of both AABP and the AABP Foundation. This funding is made possible through the generous donations of our members as well as the support of our industry partners including Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck Animal Health and Zoetis.”

Amstutz Scholarships ($7,500 each)

  • Grace Ertle, Michigan State University
  • Elisabeth Forker, Iowa State University
  • Karalyn Lonngren, University of Pennsylvania
  • Shelbey Nagle, Washington State University
  • Meghan Oswald, Cornell University 
  • Jonathan Richardson, Purdue University
  • Austin Wenck, University of Wisconsin

Find out more about the Amstutz Scholarship at https://aabp.org/about/amstutz_winners.asp

AABP Foundation Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Awards sponsored by Merck Animal Health ($5,000 each)

  • Austin Ashbacher, Iowa State University
  • McKenzie Beals Weber, Iowa State University
  • Thomas Duff, University of Minnesota
  • Landon Fitzgerald, Washington State University
  • Elisabeth Forker, Iowa State University
  • Lauren Gentle, University of California-Davis
  • Mary Liebenstein, University of Minnesota
  • Kyle Longcore, Michigan State University
  • Caitlyn Mullins, North Carolina State University
  • Kathryn Osborne, Michigan State University
  • Rae-Leigh Pederzolli, University of Calgary
  • Luiza Placheta, University of Missouri
  • Morgan Richard, Louisiana State University
  • Dallas Shaw, Washington State University
  • Nicholas Shen, Lincoln Memorial University
  • Austin Wenck, University of Wisconsin
  • Janelle Wiser, North Carolina State University
  • Nathan Yerian, University of California-Davis

Find out more about the award at https://aabp.org/about/student_rec_winners.asp.

AABP Foundation-Zoetis Scholarships ($5,000 each and a $750 travel stipend for those students attending the conference)

  • Elizabeth Endres, University of Wisconsin
  • Emily Griswold, University of Pennsylvania
  • Andrew Harding, Colorado State University
  • Scout Josey, University of Georgia
  • Colleen Potter, Michigan State University
  • Adam Strebe, University of Wisconsin
  • Emil Walleser, University of Wisconsin
  • Austin Whitmon, Mississippi State University
  • Janelle Wiser, North Carolina State University
  • Nathan Yerian, University of California-Davis

Find out more about the award at https://aabp.org/about/zoetis_winners.asp.

AABP Student Case Competition/Research Presentation Winners

  • Overall Winner: Margaret LaFlamme, University of Tennessee

Clinical Case Report

  • First Place: Margaret LaFlamme, University of Tennessee

Research Report

  • First Place: Jessica Garcia, The Ohio State University
  • Second Place:  Maddison Tyrrel, Iowa State University

Find out more about the Student Case Competition at https://aabp.org/Students/case/default.asp?year=2014&type=StudentCase.

2019 AABP Research Summaries Graduate Student Awards

These awards are funded in part by the Bovine Respiratory Disease Symposium.

  • First Place: Dr. Kathryn Bach, Cornell University, Effect of storage time and temperature on total calcium concentrations in bovine blood
  • Second Place: Mr. Chris McMullen, University of Calgary, Evolution of the nasopharyngeal bacterial microbiota from spring processing to 40 days after arrival at the feedlot in beef calves
  • Third Place: Dr. Sam Rowe, University of Minnesota, Selective Dry Cow Therapy on US Dairy Farms: Impact on Udder Health and Productivity

2019 AABP Foundation Competitive Research Grants

  • Dr. Alvaro Garcia-Guerra, The Ohio State University, Evaluation of on-animal sensors for early detection of disease and beef bull performance during the breeding season
  • Dr. Brian Aldridge, University of Illinois, Randomized field trial examining the economic benefits of targeted treatment of hyperketonemia in transition dairy cows

Find out more about the Competitive Research Grants at https://foundation.aabp.org/research_proposal/default.asp.

2019 AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Awards ($5,000 each)

  • (Beef) Dr. Lauren Mack, Plainville, Kan.
  • (Dairy) Dr. Kendra Wells, Seymour, Wis.

Find out more about the award at https://aabp.org/Members/ce_award/default.asp.

2019 Quiz Bowl Winners – University of Calgary

  • Twenty-seven teams representing 20 veterinary schools participated in the 2019 Quiz Bowl. The University of Calgary had two teams, and the team of Brenden Hilgartner, Megan Dick, Nurmo Atabayev and Rae-Leigh Pederzolli pulled off the win.

The 2020 53rd AABP Annual Conference will be held September 24-26 in Louisville, Ky.