AABP Honors Dr. John Crews for Preventative Medicine (Beef)

AABP and Boehringer Ingleheim honored Dr. John Crews (right) with this year’s Excellence in Preventative Medicine Award for beef practice.

( John Maday )

Boehringer Ingleheim sponsors the annual AABP Excellence in Preventative Medicine Award, with honorees from both beef and dairy practices.

This year’s honoree for beef practice, John Crews, DVM, from Fort Meade, Fla., has served in private practice, academics and with Florida’s Department of Agriculture. The Auburn graduate, along with his wife Suzanne, also spent ten years as missionaries in Tanzania for ten years, where they established veterinary clinics and taught animal husbandry while conducting mission work.

Crews continues to lead semi-annual mission trips to Honduras for university agriculture students.