2,000-Cow Trial Tests Liquid Feed Treatment

Dry-matter intake decreased in treatment cows in this study, while gains and milk output increased.


VistaPre-T, a unique, liquid pre-treatment from AB Vista that enables pre-digestion of fiber, maximized performance on an 11-month trial at Drumgoon Dairy in Lake Norden, South Dakota.

The trial included a 1,000-cow treatment string and a 1,000-cow control string during the nearly year-long trial.

Benefits with VistaPre-T during the research trial included:

  • Increase milk yield of 2.8 lbs.
  • Decrease in Dry Matter Intake of 1.32 lbs.
  • Body weight increase of 8.8 lbs.

With feed costs accounting for up to 50% of Drumgoon Dairy’s expenses, VistaPre-T offers the greatest opportunity for cost savings on the farm.

David Elliott, operations manager at Drumgoon Dairy further explains their reason for continuing VistaPre-T across their growing herd, “The commercial goals of the farm are to obviously make a profit. We want to do that in a way that maintains the herd health of our cows, the quality of milk for our consumers, and also the integrity as a family-run business.” He shares, “We made the decision after finishing the VistaPre-T trial that we liked the positive results we saw on the herd and decided to go with the product long term.”

A new four minute video about the innovative results from the VistaPre-T research trial at Drumgoon Dairy was recently released on the AB Vista website. To learn more and watch the video visit the AB Vista website.