The Center for the Study of Animal Well-Being at Washington State University will host the Washington Farm Animal Welfare Symposium Sept. 15, in Pullman, Wash.

Dale Moore, DVM, MPVM, PhD, Washington State University, says this is an important meeting for veterinarians to attend. “Our farm animal welfare symposium will be a forum where we can have a broader conversation in the state about the welfare of farm animals,” she says. “Veterinarians must be at the table because it affects their practice and their clients.”

Discussions about animal welfare, including risk management, ethical and political implications, consumer perceptions and animal behavior will highlight the program. A panel of food-animal welfare experts will be on tap to talk about the latest issues and advances.

“The welfare of farm animals is definitely within the domain of the veterinarian,” Moore says. “Pain management and humane euthanasia are two examples of where we fit in. Veterinarians play key roles in educating everyone responsible for animal care on what are acceptable practices and training individuals in specific practices that improve animal well-being.”

Veterinarians can obtain six continuing education credits at this event. In addition to veterinarians, animal producers, members of allied industries and agricultural organizations, veterinary technicians, animal scientists, regulatory agency employees and students are also encouraged to attend.

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